Anubhav Mukherjee, Founder of “The Kolkata Buzz” Narrates his Journey

While Delhi is the National Capital, Kolkata, though snatched of its status before Independence remains the Cultural Capital of India; the reason being the city’s historical and architectural significance that has weathered the test of time. Even today there are many parts of the city where you would feel like going back some 100-200 years. And this very fact also adds to the beauty of the city.

Anubhav Mukherjee, founder and Managing Director of The Kolkata Buzz came to the city some five years ago and fell in love with this very intersection of old and new world charm. And it wasn’t just that which drew him but also the culture, food, and every aspect of the atmosphere there.

As he was an aspiring filmmaker at that time, he was great at adding color to the mundane, and to his surprise, the way he saw and put his vision of Kolkata mesmerized the entire Bengali folk and beyond.

“I came to Kolkata to learn film making but the city drew me out of my college. I started wandering around the streets on foot and take pictures and videos. I found a lot of subjects to capture that did look ordinary but had a very interesting story to tell or had something that every Bong can relate with. Then I started to post them on Facebook and it was received well by the audience and thus was born, ‘The Kolkata Buzz’ “, says Anubhav.

The Kolkata Buzz sports all things Bengali starting from sweets to other food dishes to most loved locations. In 2016, during Durga Pujo the page was full of photographs of Pandals across the city. This made it an instant hit amongst the Bongs and led Mukherjee to leave film making and pursue a full-time career in digital.

“Our USP has always been Kolkata and Bangaliyana. When I started the platform there was no one else who picked the concept. I always made sure that my content was attractive and connected with what the public at large loved at a personal level and I guess that is what has clicked,” says Mukherjee.

But Anubhav’s snaps were limited and with the growing engagements, they needed more content. So he started to create memes and original posts but that still missed out a lot that was happening in the city. As a result, he started to find and showcase pictures and quotes shared by several other Bengalis on his page, growing into a digital community.

“Since this is a digital age, everyone expresses and posts on social media. I started to spot what others were doing and saw some great content. Although my growth mattered, I wanted to showcase what others tried to narrate in their posts and give them a chance,” said the platform’s founder.

Also, Anubhav felt the need to create new-age opportunities in Kolkata.

“I wish that Kolkata’s youth is directed towards the new age, shedding the traditional opportunities. There’s a lot to do out there other than what we are taught to aim as kids. Also, the city needs to build its startup culture and professionalism. I am doing my part and also trying to inspire my colleagues,” said Mukherjee.

Over the years, The Kolkata Buzz has garnered 215k Followers on Instagram, and 1 Million+ on Facebook. They also have a Youtube channel and are on to start a website. A few years after the platform’s success, Anubhav started his digital marketing agency – Buzzaffair ventures (Opc) Pvt. Ltd. The company promotes brands, Influencers, events, and is also into social media management. On today’s date, they have covered 1000+ brands worldwide.


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