Architect and Photographer Majed Veysel: Something Out of the Ordinary

Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves. And the best place to adore this art is in the photos of Majed Veysel. Having a deep passion for architectural photography, Veysel is an architect himself. His black and white photographs are the state of the art symbol of beauty and a sight to the sore eyes.

Veysel was born on 15th January in 1995 in Aleppo, Syria. He got registered at “The Chamber of Architects of Turkey” in 2017 after graduating from Bahcesehir Universitesi in Istanbul. Veysel basically hails from Aleppo, Syria where he did his schooling from the American school.

Veysel has won several lifetime awards at a very young age. From getting published in the International Academy of Rome to being awarded by FGA Mimarlik, he has proven his worth at multiple platforms. In May 2016, he won the first consul Made in Italy Brand Ambassador prize for his Architecture Project “Versace headquarters in Rome, Italy” BAU International Academy of Rome May 2016. He received his prize from Anna Fendi, Hicham Benmbarek, Pino Tedesco, Tina Vannini, Luca Curci, Hicran Topcu and Francesca De Palo the director at Bahcesehir University 0f Rome Campus. He’s the best at what he does, be it architecture or be it photography.

Apart from awards, he’s also been into several notable publications such as “Rome into your bloodstream” in The International Academy of Rome. He was also published in Art On Istanbul – Always See The Other Side. In 2017, his work “An Optical Illusion- A Play On Light And Shadow” was featured in Adobe publications. He’s very sound and knowledgeable about life in general, but, when it comes to architecture or photography, he’s a tough competition even for the most experienced of people. It was an amazing interaction with him and we wish all the best for his future endeavors.

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