Balancing a 7 Figure E-commerce Brand & Over 30 clients at 22

As the saying goes: opportunity is everywhere, if you look for it. Despite the current world events over the past year or so, there have been a few entrepreneurs who have seen new opportunities emerge, and been able to capitalise on them.  At just 22 years of age, Melbourne’s Paolo Jack Tanasi has done just that.

In {2017} Jack founded Business Boomers Marketing, now one of Melbourne’s fastest growing digital marketing companies. Since its inception, Jack has worked with over 300 industry leading clients, enabling them to take their business to the next level through their world world-class marketing campaigns. 

With a lot of business put on hold when covid began wreaking havoc across the world, Jack knew he had to make a new move soon. Choosing to spend his time during the Melbourne lockdowns a little different than most, Jack thought up a timely and relevant idea that would change the loungewear game forever – meet Frenchie Wear

Since the idea was brought to life, Frenchie Wear has revolutionised the loungewear game with their world’s comfiest hooded blanket, and a range of accessories to make your time at home as enjoyable, and as comfortable as possible. With Jack’s prior experience in marketing, he was able to generate $65k in sales in Frenchie’s first month, and is now passing the $1M mark just under a year later. ( verified statistics based of company reports ) 

“Having built one successful company made starting Frenchie that much easier. Rather than wasting time during the lockdowns watching Netflix and scrolling social media, I connected with successful e-com business owners and entrepreneurs to learn how I can launch Frenchie into an immediate success” Jack explains. 

Now, Jack has his sights set on growing Frenchie into a national household name, with aspirations of becoming the industry leading loungewear brand. Not only has Jack been able to create success for himself, but his work ethic and drive has been an inspiration to many friends and others who follow his journey. 

Jack continues to prove that if you have an idea, take the right action, find the right mentors and execute, that you can create a wildly successful business in less than a year. “E-commerce is such a great business model. Having the ability to market a great product to your ideal audience 24/7 is immensely powerful and a big contributor to our success”, Jack explains. 

Running one business is more than most people can bear the thought to comprehend – Jack on the other hand, is proving that age is no barrier to entry, achieving all this at just 22 years old. It’s glaringly obvious that Jack is an embodiment of the saying “how you do one thing, is how you do everything.”

Make sure to go and follow jack on Instagram, & check out Frenchie Wear for the comfiest at-home clothing you’ll ever wear. 


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