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Be A Learner With Mentor Jayde Duncan

Trading is a long journey. Get the professional training, mentorship, and coaching you truly need along the way. Cryptocurrencies trading training will just get better, easier, and flexible with the 1-on-1 personalized session with Jayde Duncan.

The Crypto Guru offers the choice to select the course “Avoid Crypto Mistakes”. If you may already have some trading experience, or you are starting from scratch, this course will help you get started with crypto with the right mindset and aspects of learning. Many students have claimed to have known this as one of the smartest and most flexible ways of completing their trading education.

Elevate Your Intuition In Financial Freedom

Jayde is here to help you to have the smoothest process while building your portfolio. The advantage of this program is that your cryptocurrency trading education does not end abruptly but gives you a lesson on how to take decisions in the crypto world, a skill that could be an asset when practiced and worked on.

Know Jayde Duncan

This superwoman graduated from MSU (Morgan State University) with a Masterʼs Degree in Business Administration. She has actively learned how to invest money, and understand the dynamics of how money works. 4 years into the game, she learned the working of the crypto world all by herself and a bunch of investment lessons.

Today, she is an expert, mentor, and successful trader. During the pandemic, she has also been taking the extra mile by being out there to help other individuals become financially free and earn sufficiently without a 9-5 job.

Jayde talks about her crypto journey in short, ‘Started doing crypto internships in Washington DC. Met engineers, crypto coders, CEOs of popular Blockchain companies, hosting events, etc. This gave me a bigger picture of the investments made and inspired me to become the Morgan State Fintech Ambassador.

It was after this that I started teaching friends and family how to buy crypto.’ She believes that you need to trust the process and stay patient during the initial years of learning, earning, and observing the market.

Jayde works as Vice President in the department of Blockchain Association in Morgan State University, where she educates, stimulates, and motivates aspirants to expand their thought processes and knowledge of crypto. Moreover, she helps students turn into self-sufficient individuals as they don’t need 9-5 jobs to fulfill their financial goals anymore.

Her courses, ebook, and 1-on-1 sessions are some of the best places to help the masses who have developed their interest in cryptocurrency. This includes tips/tricks/ how-tos of the trade and helps you get out of the rat race and ultimately create the generational wealth your family truly deserves.

Jayde also has a youtube channel where she makes videos related to cryptocurrency and money mindset to educate a wider audience. Her ebook “Crypto-trading” educates people about the basics of investing in cryptocurrency and helps them get started. She wishes to create a community of over 100k families freeing them of their limiting beliefs related to money and helping them rise above living an average lifestyle and leading to a richer lifestyle.

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