Being a Crypto-Advisor Giant in 2022: Eljaboom

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The secret to making it big with your crypto portfolio is understanding the market and how it behaves, says Eljaboom, a leading Crypto-based tech entrepreneur and a Guinness Book Of World Record Certified personnel. 

Eljaboom is one of the most sought-after names in the crypto game thanks to his rich experience of dealing and building impeccable crypto-portfolios for a wide range of projects and different industries. Elja started humble and worked his way through to become one of the big crypto-based tech influencers in the world. Elja has been a part of the crypto-industry ever since its inception and his ideologies and strategies have been widely accepted by many top-tier projects across the globe. 

Early Life and Past Experiences:

Eljaboom started as a trained computer engineer and holds a master’s degree in Industrial engineering. Apart from his peeking interest in crypto, he has also been a part of many industries and has carved a name for himself in each of them. 

Elja is a personality you can refer to as a Jack of all trades as he comes with rich experience in the fields of real estate, marketing, governance boards, and much more. Elja is famously known for the way he articulates strategies based on the trends in the industry pushing him on the lists of the big leagues. 

He has been associated as a part of many projects that have/are dependent on Elja to create leveraging portfolios for them. Eljaboom is also associated with the big guns of the crypto industry like the CEO of Binance and many more who vouch on Elja for his critical understanding of the market. Elja’s passion for crypto is what led him to start Ajoobz. Ajoobz has been the strategical portfolio advisor for many projects that you see on the market and all of them choose Ajoobz because they know the value that Elja brings to the table.

Building Ajoobz:

When asked the reason behind starting Ajoobz, Elja says that it is because of his immense passion for the potential behind the industry. Elja mentions that it is not about the money but about the challenges that the industry has.  When crypto was in its early stages, he dedicated most of his time to understanding the industry while running and managing multiple jobs to make money. Once Elja had a clear sense of the industry, he started building the framework on which projects could rely to build an efficient crypto-portfolio leading to the birth of Ajoobz. 

Ajoobz started at a single location only to spread its global footprint in multiple locations across the world. Elja says that the best part of building Ajoobz was building a team that could do it all. Elja’s rich experience in multiple fields gave him the competitive edge on helping Ajoobz in hiring the best. The CEO and COO of Ajoobz are heavy-lifters who have worked previously for big tech giants like Amazon. Elja’s strong vision of helping projects with clear portfolio goals is the reason why Ajoobz became what it is today. 

Personal Life and Future Goals:

Elja is a man with a clear vision who believes in working towards creating dynamism in the world. This propaganda has helped the entrepreneur attract many people from around the world to his ideologies and his Twitter following of 520.9K followers is a strong testament towards it. He is active on his socials and is keen on educating the masses about the behavior of the crypto market and what one can do to make effective decisions with their crypto-holdings.

Apart from being active on socials, Elja is also active in giving back to society. Elja is actively seen in initiatives that work on these lines and his recent activity was donating and being a part of an initiative that helped build and open schools in the underprivileged parts of Nigeria helping many children pursue their passion for Tech and education. 

When asked about future aspirations, Elja says that he plans on living as a farmer on mars. When asked the reason behind the rare aspiration in a recent podcast interview, he says that when you work on something from its roots, that is when you understand why it behaves that way when it grows and with proper understanding, that is when one can innovate and make the space a better place to live in, in this case, Mars.

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