BIPOC Liberian Politician Who Was Kidnapped Launches Nonprofit

Introducing BIPOC politician, child abuse activist, professional coach, artist, and certified public speaker. Rahaile Foday, @presidentfoday. Rahaile offers diversity in the political arena, being a non-conformist or conservative woman. She believes women should not have to cover up their femininity because they are interested in politics or always have to be politically correct in their expression of their thoughts, intentions and ideas. Rahaile recently ran for Representative in the House of Legislature in the Republic of Liberia, Montserrado County. While being the youngest of eight other male candidates and being one out of two females in the whole race, she had to work three times as hard to accomplish her goal of becoming Representative of District #9.

“There was a vacancy due to an unfortunate death of a former lawmaker. By law, there is not supposed to be an empty seat in the House of Legislature.” So, she ran for the opening. This was a stepping stone to her final goal which is to become President, but for this election she ran for the House of Representatives. Her dream is to make Liberia the way it used to be, the way her grandmother saw it growing up. Rahaile wants to rebuild Liberia and the connection they once had with America. Her grandmother called Liberia “Little America” and shared “how all the embassies of the world were there, how classy the women dressed, how the men were such gentlemen, the country’s booming economic state and how people from all over would come to Liberia due to their great school system before the war.”

Rahaile hopes to rebuild the minds and reform the brains of the generation lost due to the war. Due to the economic distress, there is also a high level of prostitution, which she wants to correct by bringing in foreign angel investors to create job opportunities for the children and their parents to keep them off of the streets. By bringing international educational heads into the country, this will help improve literacy rate. Although she did not win this race, and even faced a traumatic experience such as being kidnapped during her campaigning process, her passion for leadership and progression for the people still continues.

Rahaile is the Founder and Executive Director of The Rachel Madison Home, a 501c3 non-profit agency focused on supporting and improving the quality of life for victims of abuse. Her agency provides victims with advocacy, emergency shelter, counseling services, skills training, and transitional housing support through community partnerships. As a personal victim of rape and abuse, she seeks to solve the issue of fixing one from the inside out, not just dressing them up, and puts an emphasis on how ones inner image makes them look their best!

Rahaile is one who accelerates performance for individuals, small groups, and organizations.

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Rahaile is a graduate of Cornell University’s Finance & Business Executive Management Program. She is a licensed Esthetician, certified Professional Life Coach (PLC) and Six Sigma (leading global business process improvement methodology) Black Belt Practitioner. She is the voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves and donates her time to various charities by distributing food to the less fortunate, as well as advocating against sexual and domestic violence.

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