Bolli Blas Speaks of Spreading Love and Giving Back to the Community

Bolli Blas is a UK-based artist, who was born in Poland. Blas’s attraction towards the beauty of art and the world of creation was brought on by her father, who introduced her to painting. Blas speaks about losing her father early in her childhood and how it affected her work. Blas is a very unique kind of artist, and she has had exhibitions in New York, Madrid, and many more places where her art has been appreciated and has won accolades. One of the finer points which makes her art visibly noticeable is she draws big eyes, which instantly draws you towards it due to its eye catching appearance.

Blas explains that she likes eyes, especially the big ones. She says that “there is no such thing as eyes too big.” Further, she explains that the pandemic had been a bit hard and she immersed herself completely in her art. She says that she never runs out of ideas, just that she feels like she does not have much energy to work when she feels depressed. Despite it all, Blas feels that the world could be a better place as she believes in the concept of “paying it forward,” which is why she wants to spread joy and happiness among everyone. She feels that it is her moral duty to help those who need it. She does not believe in living excessively and wants to help others who desperately need the money.

On the same note, Blas has been a very down-to-earth and emphatic artist. She does not find the feeling of success through business, but through the fact that she has made an impact on somebody’s life through her work. Although Blas had been working and exhibiting her work for years, she only recently joined the social media platforms. Her message to the world and public is to never lose sight of what is important in life and to value everything, as we all only have one life.

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