BollyDad is Going to be a Game-Changer, and is Providing Real Fame to Talents, Proclaims Asli Saif

“Digitalisation has reformed the current sense of fame and grandeur a lot. The technological advancements, and the social media’s advent, has added an entirely new aspect to the fame and prominence”, says Asli Saif.

A young and acknowledged entrepreneur, and a digi-marketer, Saif is a creative soul. The 22 years young and skilled entrepreneur, has showcased his illustriousness in the digital arena and has established his dominance.

With his proximate friend Asli Daud, Saif is the co-founder of Asli Digital Media and has served a ginormous number of clients, through their varied services.

Asli Saif has supported young talents in varying industries and has aided them through the assortment of services they offer, by creating promotional content to managing their entire social avatar.


Recently, he has proclaimed that his latest venture BollyDad has been creating wonders.

BollyDad is one of the fastest-growing news platforms and has been visualized as a real-time up to date news platform related to the entertainment industry. Saif’s profound knowledge and abilities have aided the new talents, with the help of BollyDad to bring fame to their door. Bollydad recently has been witnessed to induce fame in the lives of many young musicians artists and singers.

Asli Saif has a disposition towards the music industry as he himself was quite engrossed with music in his early days and wanted to be a singer, however as the time prevailed, his profound knowledge is now aiding many others to realize their dreams. Saif’s latest venture has proved fruitful for many, We aim to see more productive results from his efforts!

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