Bunaai, The Name That Symbolizes With Heritage And Diversity With Their Sustainable Designs

Pari Poonam Choudhary, the woman behind this wonderful idea of bringing everyone close to their heritage by providing a beautiful ethnic collection that people feel tempted to buy. Pari Poonam Choudhary is a fashion enthusiast and recognized her knack for fashion at the very young age of 13.

She knew she wanted to take this hobby forward as her career which is why she continued fashion after her graduation by doing diploma courses in fashion designing, fashion buying and merchandising, luxury brand management, and fashion styling. That’s an unbelievable resumé for someone who pursued fashion after graduating from college. She loved the idea of business and fashion and wanted to build something of herself on the lines of that, so she did. She created her label called, ‘Bunaai’.

Bunaai is a symbol of woman empowerment and being confident with oneself. The label came on floors back in 2016 and was launched with just one limited edition design that received an unreal response. That became the signature concept of Bunaai.

This means that every month or festive season, a new limited edition design is introduced which gets out of stock very soon. Since 2016, Bunaai has gained a loyal audience who swear by its products and has given so much love that the Instagram page of Bunaai has reached 1 million followers. That is a big number and the entire team at Bunaai is deeply humbled by it.

Bunaai has a strong clientele of regular people to celebrities wearing her styles and flaunting them on different occasions. The designs are curated in such a way that a woman feels like herself when she wears them and also feels connected back to her roots which gives her the confidence to do anything.

Not just ethnic clothes, but Bunaai has also spread their collection into new and different categories that complement their silhouettes like wearable accessories and complimenting home decor. They also take the responsibility of helping their tribe and giving the love back by giving styling tips, collaborating with industry experts, and look books.

Bunaai has come a long way from having a humble beginning to now being one of the biggest competitors in the market for ethnic clothing on a budget. The brand’s USP is the core values that it stands by like fair trade practices, heritage looming, made in India, and sustainability.

Pari Poonam Choudhary is from Jaipur, Rajasthan and that is reflected in her designs as they are colorful and beautiful and the festivities of the land inspire the label to be more connected to their roots and influence the world by the designs.

You can connect with Bunaai on Instagram – @bunaai and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bunaai/

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