Cali Dubb has a new Album About Turning Dreams To Reality

Everyone dreams, but not equally. Those who dream by night, in the dusty distorted recesses of their minds, wake up in the day to find it was all vanity. Cali Dubb believes that the dreamers of the day are efficient people, they get to dream with open eyes and make it possible. Which dreamer are you?

Cali Dubb is a dreamer of the day, this is what inspired his new album, “The New Wave”. Over the years, he has perfected the trick of getting in touch with his dreams, and this has enabled him to stay in touch with reality. He says that the more vividly he perceives his world to be, the more effective tools he will have to make things seem perfect. It all starts from facing your fear- making that decisive step towards a planned-out action.

Cali Dubb has been in the music business for more than a decade. Initially referred to as Youngdubb, he reinvented himself to become a promising rapper. He is a creative genius, always using his abilities to build on his integrity as a musician. Cali Dubb has never stopped dreaming- to become the best rapper of his generation.

And yes, things are beginning to seem more real than ever before. On April 20th 2021, he will be releasing his debut album, “The New Wave.” Some of the sampled songs in this album reveal his exquisite touch and artistic mindset. His lyrics convey a story of a dreamer who managed to set sail at the right time.

Cali Dubb says that he has turned his dreams into a reality by getting the simple things right. He has been paying close attention to detail, anticipating the more daunting tasks in the future. He corrected his mistakes as an artist by working on his sound and musical stance.

Moreover, he has been getting advice and insights from his fans, fellow artists, and mentors and using them to improve his appeal as an artist. He also set out realistic and unrealistic goals. Yes, a series of near-term realistic goals will inevitably help you get closer to your big audacious one; this is Cali Dubb’s secret.

Aside from all this, Cali Dubb has been working hard during these unprecedented times. Indeed, the covid pandemic has affected many musicians’ lives, and some have given up on everything. Over the years, Cali Dubb has experienced almost similar situations, and he believes that he was being prepared for this big huddle. It is okay to dream, but nothing will make sense if you don’t put in that extra shift. Working hard is Cali Dubb’s mantra, and it is enabling him to achieve most of his dreams consistently.

Cali Dubb’s parting shot, “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Live your Life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams because no one else will!”

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