Chirag Alawadhi the Astonishing Name Behind Marketing Moves and Mintshint

Chirag Alawadhi is one of the youngest and popular personality known for his digital marketing skills, he is a great example of success for today’s young generation. Chirag aspired all his dreams with knowledge and integrity. He is the founder of ‘Marketing Moves’ and ‘MintShint’. It sounds very peppy but it took a lot of patience and hardwork for Chirag to reach here. Today Chirag Alawadhi is known as a renowned personality in India.

Since childhood, Chirag was having the spirit of becoming an influencer, his primary education helped him a lot to gain distinctive knowledge. Chirag Alawadhi is currently 26 year old. He finished his schooling education from Mother India Convent School, Haryana. With diversified brilliant skills Chirag leads his way with hard work and passion.

Chirag Alawadhi has established ‘Marketing Moves Media Pvt Ltd’ company based on his digital presence. ‘Marketing Moves’ is said to be one of the largest digital marketing company in India in the coming years. His experiences include works such as bringing Internet functional ideas and digital strategic planning. “This techniques will lead to huge growth of my customer’s online presence and help them increase their brand awareness and value” says Chirag founder of ‘Marketing Moves’ and ‘MintShint’.

Chirag Alawadhi believes that content is everything that matters in the era of Digital Marketing, “Content should be optimistic and beyond expectations” says ‘MintShint’ founder Chirag Alawadhi. As he is one of the finest sources of inspiration for many youngsters who want to pursue their dreams and career in digital marketing sector.

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