Christian Martinez Showing People A Proven Blueprint for Freedom and Success

Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming the pathway for many people who seek more freedom and agency in life. As promising as a business owner’s path is, success as an entrepreneur isn’t always as easy as people make it seem. Many so-called coaches online offer courses and masterclasses that don’t drive results to add insult to injury. Christian Martinez hopes to counter that trend by providing people with a proven formula for business and life success.

Martinez is a 29-year-old entrepreneur who has made a living off trading cryptocurrency and stocks. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a self-professed car enthusiast and dog lover. Before making it big in trading and entrepreneurship, Martinez took part in the corporate rat race. He worked three different nine-to-five jobs at various times after college. But even as he climbed his way up the corporate ladder, he never truly felt like the entrepreneur was doing what he was supposed to be doing. 

Dreaming of more freedom and determining his direction and schedule, Martinez took the leap of faith and focused on building his own business full-time in 2018. Today, he has no regrets looking back, despite having faced many difficulties and even family members’ disapproval. “I feel like everyone always takes the safe and most comforting route instead of taking big risks,” observes Christian. “I didn’t want to live my whole life and wonder what if.”

The business owner and investor started putting money into various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. He also started trading different stocks in technology. Apart from his investments, he also started reselling various electronics. Today, he hopes to guide others through the process of finding their passions and then turning them into businesses. 

Martinez knows more than anyone the challenges of diving into the world of investments and entrepreneurship. “When I was going through tough and really challenging decisions I really wish I had someone like me to kind of guide and push me through obstacles and setbacks,” shares Martinez. Today, he takes that realization and uses it as fuel to provide what he never had initially- a coach that sets you up for success. Aware of today’s ongoing trends of pseudo-experts who pose as marketing and business experts to turn up a quick buck, Martinez hopes to provide authentic and results-based guidance to those who seek it. 

“I feel like nowadays we have all these Instagram gurus trying to sell a course when in fact it’s all just a big scam,” adds Martinez. He shares the various times that he bought courses as such in college only to disappoint. At first, the aspiring business mogul thought he was to blame- that he wasn’t working hard enough or doing the right things. Only later did he realize the shortcomings of the coaches who had underdelivered. 

Today, Martinez knows better and aims to be better. He hopes that by providing a new wave of coaching and training for wannabe traders, investors, and business owners, he will start a revolution of results-based teachings that ultimately help people better their lives. By doing so, Martinez believes that he would have fulfilled his greatest calling.

To learn more about Martinez, you can follow him on Instagram.

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