CLASSIFIED Introduces the Black Sat Rarity


New concepts on what makes an asset special continues to emerge frequently in the world of Ordinals. The latest and most intriguing addition is the enigmatic “Black Sat,” introduced by the founders of “CLASSIFIED,” Black God and White God.

What Are Black Sats?

CLASSIFIED recently made a series of tweets explaining that the Black Sat Rarity Index is designed to complete the Rodarmor Rarity ranking; a classification system which the creator of Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor, devised. That rarity system is as follows:


“We propose a whole new layer to the Rodarmor rarity index.” announced CLASSIFIED earlier this week. “For example: Rodarmor rarity is based off the FIRST sat of each first block. Whereas we propose that The LAST sats of the First Block is just as valuable and important.”

“LAST=FIRST or else there wouldn’t be a new block/another first sat.” they concluded.

For comparison, this is how the proposed update stands against the current one:


Black Sat Auction

The CLASSIFIED Black Sat collection boasts 12 digital artifacts inscribed onto sats spanning from 2010 to 2023. These artifacts are set to be auctioned off in a Dutch auction, in which the first of these auctions kicked off recently and can be viewed via this link.

Each artifact acquired from the Black Sat auction will come with unique privileges, including becoming part of the exclusive “Men In Black” group, obtaining a 1/1 Stage III Allocation, and gaining insider access to the founders through one-on-one calls that have no expiration.

One of the fascinating aspects put forth by the founders is in the Black Sats connection to the origins of Bitcoin itself. Black God explains: “The Black Sat stays true to the Bitcoin Whitepaper and Casey’s Rod Armor Rarity Thesis. Just like the white of the Bitcoin Whitepaper equals the black of the words by Satoshi Nakamoto, the rarity for the first sat of each block = the rarity for last sat of each block.”

The Insiders

It emerged recently that a prior collection, “The Insiders,” will grant holders of a “free Stage III spot.” What that means at this juncture is not yet fully known, but it certainly has people interested and the collection minted out very promptly upon this news spreading. However, what is known so far is Stage III is where the Insiders will be burned for something new. 


Support and Collaborations

CLASSIFIED has formed significant partnerships within the Ordinals space, both official and unofficial, making it an impressive feat to not only be associated with these names but also collaborate with them.

In particular, they joined forces with RareSatSociety to create the CLASSIFIED x Rodarmor Rarity Index. Moreover, they sought guidance and insights from prominent Ordinal thought leaders such as @huuep from @OnChainMonkey, @ZK_shark & @OrdinalMaxiBizl, @armaniferrante, @thehasheddude, and @MadLadsNFT, further solidifying their position as in the space.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident that CLASSIFIED is not merely seeking to create a rarity for the sake of rarity but is deeply committed to building and expanding upon existing concepts in a unique and innovative way. Recently, we’ve seen a “rarity meta” where high value has been pushed upon some sat attributes which are perhaps overblown. The Black Sat Rarity Index seeks to maintain a balance between rarity and adherence to the principles laid out by Rodrmor’s rarity thesis, but expands on it in a logical way, keeping it clean of such accusations.

The challenge lies in whether this index will be widely embraced. While there should be no major debate about the equal rarity scores of last and first sats, an established and widely accepted rarity index does already exist. Change can be challenging for people, especially when it comes to altering existing structures which work perfectly fine.

Regardless, as more innovative concepts continue to emerge, it is essential to keep an eye on the visionaries like Black God and White God who will shape the future of Ordinals with their ideas.


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