College Dropout Turned Multi-6-Figure Entrepreneur Jessica Hawks Shows You How To Kickstart Your Online Career

The online landscape is ripe with opportunity as entrepreneurs learn to harness the power of the Internet, and businesses adapt to the digital sphere. It’s here in this playground that many people are finding their niches, their passions, and the profits to go along with it! If you’ve got the drive and the willingness to learn; you have the opportunity right here to build your own career, on your own terms!

That’s exactly what Business Mentor and Virtual Assistant Coach Jessica Hawks has done. Jessica, an expert VA turned mentor, has forged a path for herself in the online sector as a Virtual Assistant, quadrupling her income within 4 months of operation, and hitting multiple six-figures within a year. Jessica’s work has even seen her be featured on multiple online publications; including Yahoo! News, In The Know, TikTok and VIP Global Magazine.

With the success of her VA business, Jessica took to TikTok to share her business management hacks and strategies with other young creatives and ended up going viral, now she’s been able to curate a team of experts that empower and support other entrepreneurs to become virtual assistants and digital workers around the world. “I know how it feels to be lost and unsure of how you can create a life you can be proud of, where you can travel make your own schedule and truly enjoy what you do.” Jessica explains. “I was in the same boat, and now I help others who are in the position I was to create that life for themselves!

To help get some perspective on what kind of opportunities are available for someone looking to get involved in digital business, Jessica has shared her insights on the roles that are buzzing the most the right. All of these roles have vast amounts of potential and don’t require any sort of formal education to get started; only the willingness to learn and passion to succeed!

The Top 5 Online Service Provider Careers:

Tech Virtual Assistant

From managing tech support inquiries to building out workflows in the software your client uses, this niche is perfect for the analytical, solution-oriented brain.

Creative Virtual Assistant

From photography and graphic design to witty captions and story templates, this niche is perfect for the artistic visionary who was always doodling on homework in class.

Social Media Manager

Every business relies on social media and we all know how time consuming it is! This niche is for the clever mind who loves strategy and community building.

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

From social media to websites and everything in between, eye-catching designs and sweet layouts are so important! This niche is for the digitally savvy, inventive dreamer who wants to make everything a vibe.


From captions to blogs to emails, your words have a huge impact! If you have a knack for writing and communication, being a copywriter online is for you!

As a Virtual Assistant, you wear a lot of different hats and so may end up dabbling in a bunch of these roles. Don’t be afraid if your skillset and passions don’t exactly line up with these outlines, the more experience and knowledge you pick up in different areas will help develop your skills overall and help you find your niche better.

Jessica and her team of professional VA’s have put together a wealth of resources for anyone looking to get started in the scene. From 10 hours + of free live sessions, to carefully curated courses and programs. Jessica has all your VA and online business-building needs sorted! Her Digital Millennials Masterclass is a 4+ hour live event that gives you the foundations for having your new business set up to succeed, while the Digital Creatives Academy is a 10 week intensive program featuring structured lessons, private access to Jessica & her network of support coaches, guest experts and exclusive teachings.

Connect with Jessica Hawks through her website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok pages, and dive deep into growing, scaling and succeeding in the VA industry while developing ethical and sustainable business savvy, today!

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