ConsumerBreak is the Number One App You Need to Try This Holiday Season

With Christmas now only weeks away, many of us are looking for quick and easy ways to make some extra cash. Seasonal jobs are the go-to for most, but with COVID-19 cases still on the rise in many parts of the world, extra retail hours may not be as accessible to many potential at-risk part-timers. Luckily, one app has come up with an ingenious way to help thousands of people put spare money back into their pockets: ConsumerBreak.

ConsumerBreak isn’t like other gaming apps that play around with fake currencies or two-dimensional coins. The app lets players solve jigsaw-style puzzles, with ten attempts at each puzzle. The faster you complete the puzzle, the better your chances of landing in the top ranks, where winners are placed into tiers based on their ranking. Competitions are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – as well as weekly and monthly competitions – that have guaranteed cash prizes of at least $1 each dished out to top players via PayPal every week throughout December.

You read that right: you can win spare cash, each week, by simply solving jigsaw puzzles. The best part? No in-game microtransactions, and the app is completely free to play.

ConsumerBreak still utilizes brand marketing to cover its expenses and generate the liquid cash it returns to players through its competitions, but not mid-gameplay. ConsumerBreak doesn’t bombard you with advertisements midway through your game, ensuring every player has the best and fairest chance possible at their shot at winning real cash in hand.

“By creating fun, impactful and engaging puzzle contests from sponsor content, we’re able to drastically increase engagement and branding effectiveness,” says Natanel Eisenberg. Eisenberg is the founder and CEO of Concept & Innovation Group, the operational powerhouse behind ConsumerBreak. “Participants happily spend 5-10 minutes at a time repeatedly solving a puzzle for a single marketing image and actively memorize it in order to do well in the contest – all while being immersed in custom sound effects, music or sponsor messages and can visit the sponsor links if interested.”

Between January and November of 2020, ConsumerBreak has already given away over $65,000 in real cash money to winning players, but this December they’re looking to up the ante even more by dishing out $35,000 in cash prizes just this month which will total $100,000 given away in 2020.

ConsumerBreak isn’t only helping its players win cash by playing games, though. The app’s Facebook page is also giving away $5,000 to randomly-selected Facebook users who share their video on Facebook.

“The idea spawned from the frustration brought by traditional advertising while at the same time being the driving revenue source for online companies,” says Eisenberg, “there had to be a way to make people actually want to engage with the ads by making them fun and rewarding in some way which would be a win for both parties.”

And what a win it is. Players get to test their skills against other players in a healthy, virtual puzzle-solving competition for a shot at some real cash. Advertisers are able to showcase their brands to players all over the country through customized and truly unique content, further building their brands and their value.

Gamification is nothing new in 2020, but ConsumerBreak is truly changing the ways in which gamification can be utilized by brands and consumers alike. By asking the simple question, “what if you turned an advertisement into a puzzle?”, Eisenberg has been able to create this season’s least-puzzling solution to get thousands of players excited about mobile game apps again. The next time you find yourself scrolling too deep through Instagram or TikTok, and you haven’t downloaded ConsumerBreak, go solve some puzzles for a chance at winning extra spending money for the holidays.

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