Crypto Fight Club: Where Betting and Brawling Collide in Web3

Earlier this week, we delved into the latest phenomenon that shook the crypto world: the animal racing meta led by Among the topics covered, we briefly mentioned other projects that gained traction within this time, and one of them is Crypto Fight Club (CFC).

Now, before you worry, rest assured that we haven’t sunk into the depths of depravity where animals are forced to fight one another – at least not yet. Given Web3’s track record of pursuing profit, it wouldn’t be wise to dismiss we go there. Pray we don’t, all the same.

In the case of Crypto Fight Club, the participants are all human, but what linked the attention to them during this meta was the gambling aspect involved. We all know how much degens love to gamble, and there’s not many other things we love to have a bet on than two men standing toe-to-toe beating the tar out of each other.

However, CFC is more than just a platform for betting on fights. As they say in the business, let’s get it on…

What IS Crypto Fight Club?

Crypto Fight Club is an amateur fighting organization that fuses backyard combat with Web3 technology, creating a unique opportunity for aspiring fighters to advance their careers in the world of combat sports. By combining these elements, CFC aims to revolutionize the fight game, providing a nurturing environment for overlooked fighters. They offer exposure, sponsorship opportunities, and a pathway to commercial success as professional athletes.

Addressing Inequities

A crucial aspect emphasized by CFC is the recurring trend in combat sports where well-established, high-profile fighters rake in substantial earnings, while the underdog fighters are left struggling to make ends meet. CFC’s strategy involves partnering with top-tier emerging backyard combat promotions and extending open invitations to all fighters, regardless of whether they compete in the preliminary matches or headline events, to join them and get the exposure they need to get noticed.

CFC say they want their fighters to be more than athletes; they aim to help them become independent brands with a strong presence in the professional ranks.


$CFC TOken

At the heart of the CFC ecosystem lies the $CFC token, which comes with several advantages for both fighters and fans. Token holders have voting rights concerning potential matchups, event locations, and additions to the CFC roster.

Moreover, the token grants fans access to a tiered fan experience, providing them with exclusive merchandise and memorabilia associated with specific events or fighters.

As earlier mentioned, for those of us who enjoy a good bet, this is the utility you’ve been waiting for. The $CFC token can also be utilized for betting on the dedicated CFC gambling platform, which also accepts stable coins and Ethereum. While the exact launch date for the betting platform remains unknown, the team has stated it is currently in development and an announcement should be made soon.

Many fans on Twitter speculate that it might be ready in time for the next CFC event on Aug 12, though this purely speculation.

Final Thoughts


As mentioned in the article, we haven’t seen it all, and Crypto Fight Club is a fine example of that predicition. It’s an interesting venture backed by good intentions for the participants of the sport, and if momentum picks up, its progress will be fascinating to observe in the coming weeks and months.

What is becoming increasingly evident is the massive potential of crypto gambling. Numerous casinos and sportsbooks are emerging lately, from CFC’s upcoming platform, while NFT raffle platform, Naffles is preparing to introduce a casino section when they launch.

One particular player that has captured considerable attention is Rollbit. Despite employing some of the most polarizing and unlikable characters in the Web3 space for promotion, Rollbit has managed to achieve remarkable success. Their trading volume is massive, and the value of the Rollbit token has been surging. There is clearly a huge demand for crypto gambling.

CFC’s amalgamation of amateur fighting, betting, and crypto is likely to resonate with many people if they execute it well. It’s undoubtedly one to keep a close eye on.


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