Cryptocurrency Millionaire Erfan Hantoosh Bought $2 Million Worth of Virtual Properties in the MetaVerse

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Erfan Hantoosh is a young professional and entrepreneur from Alabama. Originally a Persian immigrant with humble beginnings, Hantoosh came to make his American dreams a reality by becoming a first-generation millionaire. He went from making sandwiches at Subway to spending his days flying planes and riding his motorcycle.

In his free time he enjoys adventure and videography; often recording his rides and editing the action footage for his Instagram: @earphxnes. It is this same sense of adventure that pushed him to take on the risk of investing in new forms of currency before they became widely known and traded. Hantoosh attended The University of Alabama at Birmingham with hopes of becoming a dental assistant before his entrepreneurial mindset allowed him to see the possibilities in cryptocurrency.

He accrued a successful career at a young age by helping to pioneer a new way of investing in the digital age; a career path that most existing business professionals never thought possible. Hantoosh first became interested in cryptocurrency in 2013 after discovering more about the internet and the business opportunities it presented. He broke into the

crypto market early by making key investments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain. He first bought bitcoin with his spare allowance when they were only valued at around $100 each. He started out by making a few small trades to understand the business and its possibilities. His curiosity only continued to grow from there, as he began learning more about when to buy and sell. After making a small profit, he decided to buy more to see what could happen long term.

Years later, when bitcoin started gaining popularity, he began to see a large profit; earning over four hundred thousand dollars in a short period of time. Following his success with bitcoin, Hantoosh continued to grow his investment portfolio by using some of the revenue to purchase other cryptocurrencies; such as Dogecoin and eth. After growing the value of his investment by over 2000%, Hantoosh expanded his business endeavors into the world of NFT’s by buying and selling virtual properties.

He recently invested in the rapidly expanding Metaverse and is now the co-owner of Bored Gambling Ape Casino: a virtual casino in which he earns a share of the profits generated by users gambling. Erfan Hantoosh has been making a consistent profit with his investments and will continue to look for new business opportunities as technology evolves.

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