Damon Fletcher Building a Music Career to Connect and Collaborate with Music Greats

For a music career that started only about a year ago, Damon Fletcher has developed his artistry and his sound and is setting his sights on bigger achievements. He already has three singles to his name, including the hit single “Ready” featuring Cupid from Cupid Shuffle, which got artists like NE-YO recognizing him. His two other singles are “2 Miles,” featuring The Crushboys and “Hustle with a Purpose,” featuring The Crushboys. His songs have music videos on YouTube amassing streams daily, but it doesn’t end there for Damon.

His lifelong dream has always been to make music. His biggest inspiration is iconic R&B legend Usher whom Damon Fletcher says inspired him to pursue music. In his words, “I watched Usher’s masterclass, and it gave me all the motivation and belief that I could do it. Here I am today.”

Damon Fletcher is currently running a contest to win a trip to meet Usher in Vegas for a VIP concert experience. For him, it goes beyond admiring and adoring his music idols. He wants to learn from them directly, and he believes the closer he can get, the better his chances of learning.

“Usher’s influence on my music is profound, and it would mean a lot to meet the man, talk to him, connect and possibly collaborate with him. I just want to appreciate his influence on me the same way I’d expect to influence someone in the future,” Damon said.

Damon Fletcher does not see anyone as his competition, as he believes he’s the competition and is forging ahead with his music journey all by himself. Deciding to take music as a career during a time of uncertainty in the world will always be a life-changing decision for him, and he’s willing to stay on that path till he finds success.

He picked up songwriting during the global lockdown, joined various music masterclasses and learned music production from Usher and Timbaland’s works. Damon ensured he armed himself with the right skills before he got on his music journey, and more than a year later, he has remained steadfast.

With his energetic and catchy style of music, he hopes to work with an artist like Usher, which has inspired the contest he’s currently running to meet Usher in Vegas for a VIP experience. Damon gives back to society by inspiring and motivating others, and some of his philanthropic gestures have caught the attention of celebrities like Lance Bass, NE-YO, Damon Dash, and Lecrae. Both his music and philanthropic endeavors are his strongest suits, and he hopes that he would have impacted many lives to pursue their dreams and goals in a few years.

His five-year goals include winning multiple Grammy awards as a recording artist and becoming one of the most established breakout stars in the United States by then. Building his music career remains a great feat for him, and he hopes to use his influence to encourage other budding talents that they can do it too. “Everyone has something that makes them unique. It’s in them, but they have to let it out,” he said.

Learn more about Damon Fletcher by visiting his official website.

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