DDB YAYO is About to Take the American Music Scene by Storm

Among different business industries and artistic fields, we come across people who radiate a different level of energy, passion and commitment when it comes to their niche. There are so many success stories to be taken as inspiration. Most of these stories are a result of the relentless drive and the bold decisions they take to cross boundaries and create a flourishing career for themselves.

The music industry, especially of America is one which has welcomed many such talents; however, a few of them have completely astounded people worldwide with their pure will and talents combined with their outstanding skills as a musician and artist.

We came across one such high performing ‘Rising Star’, named DDB YAYO, who has made his grand entry this year and still has gone ahead in gaining much momentum with his music.

Ask him what drove him towards becoming the artist he is today and the 21-year-old talent says, “My love and passion for music and the quest to make my unique niche with music in the vast American music scene.”

He says that this kept him motivated and helped him push the limits to learn and hone his skills in the field. DDB YAYO was born in Jamaica, Queens, and grew more inclination towards writing songs and found his peace in music. Also, his father had a home studio in the family basement, where this young talent would spend hours to work upon his craft.

However, no success story was ever built without any challenges or drama. DDB YAYO too, had to face many struggles before he reached where he is today. In 2007 he moved to Florida at the age of and 7 and while in school growing up, he was expelled in his 7th grade school in winter springs Florida and went to another alternative school, where everyone desired to become a rapper. Hence, at the age of 13, DDB YAYO started with rapping and continued till 18 years of age and then started taking his talents seriously.

Over the years, he has taken inspiration from a number of styles and has become exceptional with combining various compositional elements to form his unique sound and style. This led him towards his much-talked-about EP and Single on Spotify and some of the most popular tracks include Freestyle, DAYTONA, Loyalty First and Intimidated. His EP ‘Rising Star’, which is available on all major streaming platforms, is truly making DDB YAYO a rising star in Orlando.

Rising Star exudes DDB YAYO’s honesty and confidence with his songwriting talent and musical craft. For people who love something different and appreciate the uniqueness in music, Rising Star will definitely strike a chord with them. People already love the EP, which consists of 10 tracks and can’t wait for DDB YAYO to come up with something more shortly.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @ddb_yayo.

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