Denis Pakhaliuk on Change in Marketing Strategy Trends in 2021

Successful entrepreneurs think strategically when engaged in a hostile global environment. The marketing landscape is as ever-changing as never before, with vast opportunities waiting to be utilized by both marketers and brands. Denis Pakhaliuk of Ramotion says that come 2021, most businesses will face a common struggle, which is the balancing act of plans and strategies. He joins us today to talk about the trends that companies should look out for in 2021 and how they can seamlessly adapt them into their current marketing strategies to make them better poised to function optimally this new year.

  • Denis, you’ve brought to life marketing strategies that have worked for many startups. What exactly do growth and sustainability require?

In a turbulent economy, coupled with aggressive business practices and congested airwaves, you need to stand out from the crowd to pull anyone’s attention, and your marketing strategy has a lot to do with this than people realize. By executing a stellar marketing strategy, business owners can quickly draw their target customers’ attention without breaking a sweat. My company helps business owners paint a vision for their business, employees, and customers giving them a solid corporate identity and face that ultimately makes them sell.

  • What trends should people adapt to their marketing strategies to tap into their employee and customer base this New Year?

2021 will not be more about the experiences created for the consumer rather than the impact of words. For this reason, all brands must try to engage their audiences through interactive and multimedia content. Anything ranging from infographics, GIFs, images, and videos will make your brand’s value jump off the screen. Similarly, with the reduction in in-person meetings, the best alternative to engaging with your customers and employee base is live streaming and video content. Live streaming will allow your brand to drop the corporate veil and interact with your users and, in doing so, enrich the customer experience. Therefore, businesses should start incorporating visuals and live content streams to embrace the digital conversation.

Additionally, people are increasingly becoming tired of ads. Businesses can use native advertising, which is slowly taking the world by storm—using bloggers and other social media influencers who have a large following to mention your business.

  • In your own opinion Denis, how can businesses measure their strategy’s performance?

It isn’t easy to determine if your strategy is performing. Although there are several metrics to measure the performance of the content you’re putting out, they will not give you insights into your system. Therefore, measuring it will require that you refer to the goals you set out when deciding on the strategy. Comparing what goals each system has achieved or not otherwise will enable you to adjust them accordingly and figure out where they fell short.

Denis Pakhaliuk’s company employs a combination of collaborative thinking and strategic planning that is original that will help you solve your marketing and branding challenges and consistently create an identity that will appeal to your clients.

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