Dental Design Smile Offers Premium Dental Procedures at Economical Costs

Dental Design Smile Offers Premium Dental Procedures at Economical Costs

We are currently living in an economic recession, so any opportunity that helps us stick to a budget will always be welcome. Dental Design Smile offers clients the chance to save money while improving their smile and personal happiness. Elvis Mons, CEO of Dental Design Smile, believes that everyone should be able to unlock the smile they dream of.

Mons launched the Dental Design Smile practice in 2017. He explains that he could see a clear gap in the market for affordable and transformative aesthetic dentistry. The practice also offers an extensive range of dental procedures including; essential surgeries, implants, root canals, fillings, and routine cleanings. Mons felt there was a need to make dental procedures that are often considered to be too pricey for the average budget, available at an economical cost. To this end, Dental Design Smile offers Smile Design, also known as Hollywood Smile, procedures which are premium dental veneers available in composite resin and porcelain. Both procedures are available at a cost that is more affordable than would be expected for a process that has the ability to transform a person’s smile and, in turn, their confidence. Mons takes pride in the fact that Dental Design Smile puts the happiness of its clients before potential profits. He says, “Aesthetic dentistry should not be considered a luxury. It is my belief that everyone deserves to love their smile, regardless of their budget.”

Dental Design Smile has recently reached the milestone of needing to expand its business to meet the demand for its premium but affordable dental procedures. The practice recently opened a second office in Miami, and there are plans to extend Dental Design Smile across other states in the US this year. CEO Elvis Mons feels that in our current economic climate the demand for affordable dental procedures will only grow. Expanding on this, Mons says, “The need for oral care and dental procedures will always be essential, and so, there should always be an affordable way to access it.”

As we continue to weather the storms that the current economic crisis creates, it is comforting to know there is a way to receive needed and desired dental procedures at an economical cost.

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