Digital Marketing Expert Rei Prendi: “Facing New Challenges Motivate Me to Innovate and Excel”

Challenges make or break people. Here’s one person who credits his achievements to the challenges he faced on the way. Let’s hear more on it from the digital marketing connoisseur Rei Prendi himself. Let’s delve.

Finding One’s Motivation

Different things motivate different people. While many may consider challenges as hurdles, for Prendi they have been his stepping stones to success. Prendi elaborates on how challenges motivate him to innovate and excel. He shares, “Challenges are my biggest motivation. They actually take out the monotony from my work. Because every challenge is unique in itself. My work is an adventure for me. People say I am workaholic, well, I don’t mind it as long as this work-alcohol keep me productively intoxicated.” Prendi couldn’t suppress a quick laugh there.

Looking at Challenges as a Teacher

According to Prendi, challenge is a great teacher. Because a challenge can only be solved if one is a good student who never misses the opportunity to learn and innovate. And his field of digital marketing requires Prendi to be ready with solutions (sometimes right off the bat) to unprecedented challenges. Prendi shares, “Why I love challenges is because they remind me the most important thing in not only my profession but life in general – to adapt to changes be it in digital landscape or life. That’s why clients, existing and new, come back to me for solutions over and over again.”

Facing new challenges in a constructive manner has also helped Prendi to maintain positive thinking and instill trust and confidence in his clients. He advises people working in the digital arena to never quit working harder on new innovative ideas. He says, “Staying innovative as well as creative is a must for me because it plays a big part in the work that I do.”

Prendi has been a professional digital and social media marketer for many years. But breakthrough came when he became famous on Instagram in 2012 after he launched an innovative project called which now is dedicated to solving media issues, technical problems, social media challenges, and privacy issues. The project was a hit with the masses which got him more than 1000 clients. Besides, Prendi loves to speak at technology conferences to create a secure and everlasting network with the professionals of digital marketing. Given his experience and proven track record in digital marketing, Prendi’s advice is well worth considering.

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