Dioz Group, a Merchandising and Marketing Authority Dominating Multiple Industries

Some of today’s most accomplished businesses are not only the products of entrepreneurial acumen, dedication, and defined vision; they are also the result of their founders’ tireless efforts to overcome adversity and meet the market on its own shifting turf. Entrepreneurs Johnny and Tony Beig, co-founders of the leading manufacturing company Dioz Group, embody the powerful notion that any shrewd, resilient leader can innovate their way to the summit of the entrepreneurial space. 

After immigrating to Australia from their war-torn hometown of Kashmir, India, the Beig brothers were highly driven to demonstrate that humble beginnings don’t have to translate to lifelong hardship—to the contrary, they are often the most motivating fuel in the journey toward a better life. Johnny Beig began his career in IT, but he quickly found himself hungry for a professional life that could combine his business savvy with his lifelong interest in sports.

Utilizing his experience playing semi-pro cricket, he began designing cricket uniforms for local teams. Demand increased rapidly, and Beig recognized the opportunity of a lifetime. He established Dioz Group as a small manufacturing company in 2006, and it has since grown into a global powerhouse at the forefront of merchandising and marketing.

“Nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it, maintain a positive attitude, work on your goals daily, and never give up,” says Johnny Beig.

Today, Dioz Group creates breakthrough products and apparel for a dizzying variety of leading brands, businesses, events, celebrities, media properties, and retailers. Their clients include some of the biggest names in any number of industries—including UFC, FIFA, Universal Studios, LA Dodgers, and JetBlue—and their astounding success has allowed the company to broaden their reach through the acquisition and creation of multiple brands and sub-companies. They also manufactured Justin Bieber’s line, Drewhouse.

Dioz Group’s manufacturing arm, Oasis Apparel, works with over fifty factories worldwide to produce uniforms and gifts for the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies. Dioz Group also owns Alanic Activewear, one of the fastest-growing running and endurance apparel brands in the industry. Since its inception, Alanic has developed partnerships with iconic marathons and running events like the San Francisco Marathon, Tough Mudder, the Seattle Marathon, and the Great Ethiopian Run.

More recently, Dioz Group pivoted their business model to adapt to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, utilizing their massive manufacturing capabilities to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for thousands of frontline health workers and civilians. This led the company to launch 8Health, a venture that provides PPE to healthcare institutions, hospitals, governments, pharmacies, and major corporations, as well as Clean Health USA, a B2C platform offering home care essentials to consumers.

“I was always taught that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity, and it’s incredible to see our hard work have such far-reaching effects,” said Beig. “Now, we’re providing syringes and needles to healthcare organizations to help with the rapid distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Innovation, persistence, and diversification form the bedrock of success for any fledgling company; and the Dioz Group has harnessed all three to create a sustainable, authoritative presence in multiple industries. By focusing on high-quality products, airtight client relationships, and adaptability in an ever-shifting global market, Dioz Group has cemented their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of apparel, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

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