Dr. Adam Goodcoff is Using Social Media to Make Medicine More Accessible

Medicine is one big, scary word many do not know how to handle. A large number of individuals have limited access to healthcare depending on where they live, the health insurance they have, and the money they can spend on medical bills. The knowledge they could be getting from experts is inaccessible to them, and they have to find other ways to understand more about medicine and educate themselves.

Luckily, there are great doctors out there willing to help the general public understand health care better. Dr. Adam Goodcoff is one of them, and he is doing the work through The Med Life. He is using social media to make medicine more accessible to his thousands of followers.

For the last eleven years, Dr. Goodcoff has dedicated his life to medicine. He began as a Certified First Responder, became an Emergency Medical Technician, got certified by the American Heart Association as a Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Instructor, and currently works as an Emergency Doctor.

However, he believed this was not enough. He wanted to “focus mainly on education for the masses and on getting the next generation excited about medicine,” which he has done through his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Posting daily content on his social media platforms, this doctor is trying to educate and inspire individuals, particularly healthcare providers worldwide. He explains, “I offer the first and only social media-based live and interactive medical simulation free to learners around the world streamed on YouTube and TikTok.” Dr. Goodcoff has used his knowledge and privilege to help others get one step closer to medicine, making it less terrifying than what the public believes it is.

If you look at his content, he communicates with his audience in a very accessible language. Instead of using big words that may scare off individuals with no medical background, he explains what every treatment, tool, and procedure means and what they are used or performed for. He is not saying medicine is simple, but he shows it in simpler terms for everyone to understand.

One thing that has made him extremely popular on social media is his “You Be The Doctor” (#youbethedoctor) series on TikTok. What is this series? He puts his audience to the test and promotes them to doctors with the help of his business partner, manager, and video editor Josh Opitz.

In every video, he presents a new case and allows his followers to decide which course of treatment they should follow next. He makes several videos to introduce the case, allow the audience to vote, and then show the voting results and what that treatment looks like. A great way to teach people the different procedures that can be done and how they are done.

Dr. Adam Goodcoff took a well-known industry and a trending platform and turned them into an accessible source of information for those interested in health care and medical education. He became the number two doctor in the Top Doctors to Follow on TikTok because he knows exactly how to make medicine more accessible. He is here to show us what medicine looks like and what treatments and tools doctors use.

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