Dragon Takes the Stage : World’s First Gaming and Entertainment Token

An excess of $250-million dollars a day rolls across the gaming tables in Macau’s elite casinos, and both the junkets and guests suffer exorbitant fees to make the high volume of stake money possible at any given time. Dragon Coin Inc and blockchain technology are about to make that a thing of the past. In a world where fiat money can be effortlessly converted to digital tokens and then instantly and securely moved at a low cost, everyone wins.

Dragon is the world’s first gaming and entertainment token, and they have their sights set on disrupting the industry. Here are three reasons why Dragon is in a league of its own, and why the world’s first gaming and entertainment token has already become the largest crowd sale to date.

The Team Behind Dragon

Behind every successful company is a successful team, and Dragon is no exception. The Dragon team is led by Chakrit Ahmad (CEO) and Paul Moynan—both have extremely impressive resumes and backgrounds.

Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned CEO with a strong track record of implementing technological solutions across several new industries. His leadership experience spans across technology, software, listings and M&A. Moynan is a global entrepreneur and operations expert, former Royal Marine Commando and winner of the prestigious Green Beret. He has two decades of success in high level projects including government and high net worth families. Both Ahmad and Moynan have strong business acumen, work ethic and project execution skills which have led them to develop significant portfolios and hire only team members with extremely impressive credentials.

With these two leading the team, it should come as no surprise that Dragon Inc is revolutionizing the entertainment industry with blockchain technology. Ahmad and Moynan have set the bar high, and they are forging a new standard of business driven ICOs rather than accepting the limits of ICO before Dragon.

The Benefits to Token Holders

Dragon Inc offers extreme value to its members, and their entire business model is built around rewards for its members for their loyalty and participation. Here are a few examples of why gamers will be lining up to work with Dragon

#1 Monthly Buy Back and Burn Program

Dragon Inc is an exclusive membership, and this exclusivity is a part of the benefit. Just three months after operations begin, Dragon will launch a DRG burn program. This monthly program will reduce the total circulating supply until there are only 21-million tokens left in circulation.

#2 Monthly AirDrop to DRG token holders

Another incentive to holding DRG is a monthly airdrop to one lucky token holder. Each month, 10% of the net monthly income from all Dragon junkets will be air-dropped into a randomly selected DRG holder. Through this incentive program, a new high-roller will be created each month.

#3 Social Wallet, Global Cash Cards and ATMs

Members of the Dragon community will be entitled to use a smartphone Dragon affiliated social wallet which will help them visualize the number of digital tokens in their Dragon account on the blockchain. The Dragon platform will also be connected to a network of Global Cash Machines that will allow members to use their Dragon debit cards to convert their digital money and draw fiat cash. Dragon plans to have digital token compatible ATMs in all of the Dragon affiliated gaming venues as well.

Once the business is fully connected, only those who own DRG will be able to access the VIP rooms and enjoy the massive reduction in fees. Members of Dragon will be entitled to these and many more privileges just for owning DRG. When a company appreciates and rewards its users like this, there is no question of their future success.

Strategic Game Plans for the Future

Dragon has a solid plan in place for taking over the way money is exchanged in the casinos of Macau. Already, the DRG is trading on exchanges such as HitBTC, Qryptos, CoinHub, Ether Delta, Idex and more. They are in late stage talks with several of the top 10 exchanges. And quite impressively, all of this has come before the crowdsale is even over. In fact, it is one of the largest token sales to date with over $320-million raised before the public token sale started.

But their vision goes far beyond the Asian casinos. Dragon is gaining ground in the sports, gaming and film industry. They already have secured major strategic partnerships, and there will be some big announcements coming in the next several weeks. The rumored partnerships include F1, Le Mans, Asian Golf and Team Brit.

Their business has global adoption in view. There has already been accelerated growth across Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, and Malaysia. Other countries are pending.

Setting a New Standard

Dragon Inc has certainly made a name for themselves, and they are attracting investors with all of their success so far. With plans to issue a $500-million dollar token sale, the company is certainly in a league of its own. Once fully connected, Dragon foresees a daily buy volume of $250-300 million dollars independent from crypto markets due to the high rollers who visit the VIP rooms and use the Dragon platform daily.

The DRG is the only coin which has to be purchased every day. Let that sink in. There is a daily demand to supply the Asian gamers, and this is only the beginning.

The Dragon is coming, and they are revitalizing and revolutionizing the gaming and entertainment industries. Their journey has just begun, and investors and users should expect to see them do big things in the near future.

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