Drex Lee Shares how he Grew his Tiktok Account From 0 to 3.5 Millions in 6 Months

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Tiktok is currently the most popular social network and continues to grow. In 2021, there are about 5 million creators on the platform who post over 4 billion videos a year for over 1 billion daily users

The myth of needing a pre-existing audience or having fancy equipment has never been further away from the truth. Viral Tiktoker & cinematographer Drex Lee gained over 3.5 million followers in just 6 months.

Here are the 5 best Tiktok strategies that helped Drex acquire a massive audience in a very short time:

1. Show Your Authentic Self

Personality is key when it comes to building a tribe of loyal followers and raving fans. They will love you for being you and it’s shine through your own personality and voice than portraying for someone you aren’t.

“I dress, speak, and act on TikTok just like the way I do in real life. So when I create content, it’s the same energy, and my videos don’t look forced. In the same way, when companies come across my videos and hire me, it is because my personality & cinematography style is truly aligned with their target audience”

It will take time to find your style if you haven’t found it yet. But the best way to get started is to start creating content.

2. Do What You Do Best

There’s a multitude of things that you can do as a creator on Tiktok. Whether it is making video tutorials, singing, cooking, pranks, or crazy photography skills.

The key is to extend your day-to-day ability through your content creation process. Knowing what you know and do best is important like Drex has explained:

“When I got started, I knew I was good at creating videos with my phone. So that’s what my audience is going to see. I didn’t need any fancy lights or expensive cameras to create my shots. I also wanted to show that anyone could also create content directly from their phone and be praised for it!”

3. Be Consistent With Your Posting Schedule:

One of the most important things when it comes to content in Tiktok is consistency. If you create a post on Monday but don’t publish anything for three days, your followers will forget what was said and might miss out on valuable information.

It is important to create interesting and engaging videos. Titkok’s algorithm favors consistency as it will show your videos more often than any other content creator.

Whereas inconsistency doesn’t only decrease your organic reach but also makes your followers become uninterested in your content over time. 

“I post at least once a day so that my fans can always be follow-up on my most recent work. I keep them engaged on a daily basis and always gather feedback from them on what I should do next”

You can also re-post your content on IG. This is how @DrexLee got over 400k followers on Instagram because his Tiktok account went viral.

4. Be Consistent With Your Content Style 

It’s important to stay true to yourself, but it can be tough for people to follow your account if your content style is all over the place. If you can be known for only a handful of content, you will have the greatest chance of success on Tiktok.

If you look at the most popular accounts, you will notice each account has a very specific and well-defined style of content.

As Drex shared: “Don’t be known for one thing and then do something completely different. It doesn’t only confuse your audience but also Tiktok’s algorithm as it doesn’t know who to recommend your content to if you don’t have a fundamental style” 

5. Have fun! 

No one likes watching anyone that looks forced. Don’t create content just because you feel obligated to, do it because you genuinely love doing it and you’re having a great time doing it. People can tell when they watch your videos. 

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