Easy chair: Forthcoming Masterpiece of an award-winning novelist of the Indian literature Nishtha Shrivastava

Easy chair – The rest of age, a novel that has already started creating expectations in the mind of readers is penned by an award-winning author Nishtha Shrivastava. The rising name in the world of Indian literature, she started her journey as an author with her debut novel Rakshabandhan which was released on 3rd August 2020 and within a short duration of less than a year the novel had banged various appreciations.

Known for her unique style of fearless writing, Nishtha feels no fear in discussing taboos loudly. Her storytelling picks the most sensitive topics which are rarely discussed but are of huge impact to mankind. Nishtha being a keen observer and an emotional writer has now announced her next novel in the same form. Expected to bang the book market in early July 2021, Nishtha has dedicated this story to the oldies at our houses and to the soldiers at the border.

The imagination of reading a book about grandparents with a pinch of love tale is already exciting readers from across the nation and Nishtha is spilling the beans gradually. She has not yet revealed the detailed concept behind her creation but says that she has written a story that resembles every youngster’s life and will recall the elderlies about their hardships.

Being from a very traditional middle-class family, she has been a lucky one who has lived her age beautifully with her parents-grandparents and brother. Nishtha has learned the culture of Indian society well and happily shares it in her stories.

Nishtha has weaved this story not just to entertain but to bring that slight awareness that is the need of the hour and with her weapon that she considers to be the strongest one she wishes to move mountain like hearts. She further says that she knows that we all are running towards a life which has a lot of attractions and we get glued but when the day ends and she sees her family sharing the dinner table together she gets inspired to write more such stories to keep the happiness up in everybody else’s life.

Her 2nd novel is hugely awaited and a read must surely be given through to know what a book on grandparents can look like. There are huge expectations from the author in near future as well as she has not kept her wings tamed in the world of literature itself but is rising on international stages too and is hugely admired to represent India in the upcoming Miss Asia International’21 in Dubai in the coming month of August.

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