Eliminating Dark Circles Through Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

The human face and how it looks greatly impacts self-esteem. In a world where people judge based on physical appearances, we are fortunate that with modern-day technologies, achieving conventional beauty is easier than ever.

One of the telltales of aging and unhealthiness is under eye darkness. If you are suffering from dark undereye circles, you are not alone; numerous people are struggling with the problem, and some have managed to get semi-permanent to permanent solutions for it.

Some try to solve under eye problems at home with DIY solutions such as tea bags and creams. A better, more effective way to go about it, though, is to seek the help of trained, experienced professionals. One of the most popular people experts known to treat such cases is Hollywood’s favorite cosmetic dermatology doctor, Dr. Simon Ourian.

Under Eye Dark Circles Removal on @SimonOurianMD1

Although dark under eye circles may look the same for many people, what causes them varies. You could have dark circles due to genetic factors, skin infection, lack of proper diet, cold weather, or as previously mentioned, aging. Some might have under eye darkness for years, while others could have noticed them to appear very recently.

The Kardashian clan’s favorite cosmetic dermatology doctor, he who also is known to treat Lady Gaga and Victoria’s Secret models, has pioneered a cutting edge treatment for under eye darkness. Depending on the patient’s case, Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills may use his exclusive Coolaser technology alongside dermal filler injections. The dual modality treatment has been found to effectively reduce under eye darkness without the burden of surgical downtime.

On Instagram, the celebrity doctor showcases his technique followed by before and after pictures that wow his 3.5 million-strong follower base. Follow him on Instagram and visit www.epionebh.com to see for yourself.

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