Emcee Turned YouTuber and Content Creator Nisha Shetty Grows her Presence on Social Media

While 2020 took away social interactions and meetings with our loved ones due to the coronavirus outbreak, the year brought everyone closer through the internet. People turned to the internet to build connections, and the web became a platform for entertainment. Not just cinema halls got shut but many events, shows and concerts were called off globally. Amidst this, many creative personalities utilized their best time by learning a new skill.

Celebrated emcee, anchor and aspiring actor, Nisha Shetty unleashed the skill of creating videos during the time of lockdown. The emcee has swooned everyone with her excellent hosting skills during the last few years. Blessed with a warm personality and of course, great communication skills, making a debut on YouTube was not difficult for her.

Started from the scratch during the phase of lockdown, Nisha is gradually building her presence on the digital domain with creative yet relatable content. Besides beauty and fashion, the emcee turned YouTuber has created multiple haul videos on her YouTube channel. Well, Nisha is extremely happy to add this feather in her cap, and the response she has been getting for her videos is extremely overwhelming.

Her content picked up very well and two of her videos already crossed 12K views in a very less time. She has crossed 1.7K subscribers, which might be a small number; however, she has managed to create a very strong bond with her subscribers which has become instrumental in her growth.

When asked about her favourite video till now, she said, “Among all the videos, the video which I created with my mother is my favourite one. It is a video that is very close to my heart, and the love I received on that video is surreal. My mother is opposite to what I am, she is camera shy in general, however the way she got comfortable with the camera pleasantly surprised me.” The video featured Nisha along with her mother where the latter had some cute yet funny reactions to the emcee’s Instagram posts. Besides this, Nisha stated that she feels fortunate to learn the art of creating videos. “Being a YouTuber is not just about shooting a video. There goes a lot of creative process like editing which is a task.

During the lockdown, I not just shot the videos by myself but even learnt video editing, gained camera knowledge, learnt how to do my setup using the right lights and props. I feel I have become a master of all trades now, haha”, added Nisha.

Apart from creating videos on YouTube, the content creator is going strong on Instagram as well. She has been lately collaborating with many brands and her posts on her feed is a legit proof of it. In less than a year, Nisha has carved herself as a promising name in the digital space. As far as her career as an anchor is concerned, she has hosted events, award shows, product launches, corporate launches and sports events across the globe.

Abbott, ICICI, Audi, Volkswagen and Tag Heuer are some of the brands for which she has earlier hosted events. For her work, she has travelled to South Africa, Paris, Greece, Istanbul, Thailand, Singapore and many other countries. Anchoring being her primary job, content creation has now become a part of her life, and Nisha Shetty is hopeful that her travel spree will continue with her creative work.

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