Emergin Stars “Ktborderline” the Unbeatable Inspiration


Hip hop and rap music have created endless opportunities globally, including groups and social media gatherings and while living in the disrupted, disoriented, and depressing times ktborderline knows how and when to strike. They recently launched their songs like “Amerikkk,” which actually hits people and touches the hearts of millions of people who proved to be excited and worth remembering.

Since his young age of sixth grade, Kevin K. Walker’s “ktborderline” has been writing music and adopted it professionally after graduating from high school in 2004. He teamed up with Gaetano and formed ktborderline.

There is a lot to talk about ktborderline. At the same time, I sat with them and conversed about their rise to fame, particularly fascinated by their messages that they have disseminated through their hip hop and rapper style music. Here is what we have discovered from the conversation.

The Brief Introduction About Ktborderline

While interviewing them, for me, it was a profound moment to understand the history of ktborderline, and they explained that in March 2005, Kevin “Ke-Real” Walker and Gaetano “Tommy Gunnz” Piccirilli met in Nashville, TN. They were working in the construction industry and have met on a construction site. They had a mutual interest in music, especially in rap music, and discovered they both inherited aspirations from rap artists. They decided to form a rap group but later on parted ways due to personal differences.

Later after two years, Kevin moved back to his hometown of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Gaetano was staying in Galloway, New Jersey. They both bumped into each other at Hamilton Mall and discovered that they were living near each other and, considering it a fate started to write and record rap music again.


Well, Kevin Walker goes by the name of ktborderline, who has received fame from millions of his fans from his hip hop rap style and is known to be a serious risktaker artist. He writes, portrays, and makes music about police brutality and racism.

Most people know ktborderline as rappers who have pitched songs like “Fresh in the Club” that was viewed over two million viewers on YouTube and getting firm and positive reviews on the rap creations. Ktborderline took various risks and willing to take more to achieve success in the hip hop industry.

Music Aspiration and Influence

If you think that you can learn from one rapper like Jay Z and do not evolve the music, here is what they have talked about their aspiration and musical influence. Kevin K. Walker “Ktborderline” has been writing such songs, but the passion got serious after graduating from high school in 2004. Kevin K. Walker was deeply influenced by Jay Z, Meek Mill, and Drake, but the real aspiration and artistic touch are majorly influenced by Michael Jackson.

Music Style “Rap the Hip-hop”

The music style evolved over a period of time. Because of his commercial rapping skills, Kevin K. Walker created party songs. He later turned into more serious songs like “Amerikkk” that talked about police brutality by referring it to Freddie Gray, Colin Kaepernick, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and depicts two-faced America, its hypocritic nature and lies. It also gives a clearer view of racism and an ugly view of the Americans on African Americans and their hate for Black People.

Apple Adventure

I was really impressed while seeing Kevin K. Walker gaining success and being featured in Apple iTunes as “ktborderline” with several songs like “Fresh in the club, Push feat Josh Rhys Owen. Amerikkk, Hands Ups feat Muvi, Never Trust feat Shawn Rock and Jungle feat Ar-Ab.”

They believe it to be just the beginning and believe that it has enabled them to write and rap in their music style with freedom.

Is Success Easy?

Since ktborderline hit over 2 million views for “Fresh in the Club,” success has not been easy, but doing a lot of hard work ensures hip hop tracks gain success. What brings success is that Kevin has never been labeled and supported, but with deep learning, planning, and repeated errors and trials, ktborderline ventured and nurtured the success meter.

The Mindset About Promotion and Marketing

Ktborderline believes that among music skills and success, promotion and marketing play a vital role in surviving and staying as independent music artists in the music world. The hip-hop rapper and music writer learned the whole music business to promotes videos online. Kevin K. Walker believes in using Search Engine Optimization and the right way to use keywords to promote music tracks.

Ktborderline believes that social media and its proper marketing play a vital role in reaching millions of people searching for new music. Kevin added that it is imperative that to achieve success, ktborderline has to have a reasonable and robust budget to promote and market songs online. It is not just hip-hop creation but the right promotional strategies to make music video successful online.

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