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Engineer-Turned-Designer, There is no Timeline to Dreams.  

A big business begins small. Rushibhi, 24, Engineer by education, knew business was his calling.

A philanthropist at heart and an entrepreneur in making, he decided to make his business about helping build small ventures into successful brands.

In an era of cut-throat consumerism a market thrives on its competitive spirit. Innovation,

Economical efficiency and top-notch customer service aren’t the only parameters that define a successful business anymore. Rushibhi with his early ventures in business development was always enthralled by this idea. A business needs to have a lasting impression on a consumer’s mind, laying emphasis on design and unique user experience.

With this learning, Rushibhi equipped himself with education and experience in the ever booming field of Graphic Designing.

As a student of engineering, hailing from the small town of Aurangabad, where parents dream of their children securing a well-paying job with a degree in technology, Rushibhi took a leap into the field of design.

To wet his feet before he took the deep dive Rushibhi, in his second year of B.E., along with a group of friends, got into publishing a magazine about Electronics and Technology.

A home-grown effort, the magazine required the contributing members to be equipped with all facets of publishing thus pushing them to explore workshops and hobby classes. Rushibhi took this opportunity to learn about Graphic Designing Software. Not only did he find a passion in branding solutions and graphic design he learnt to put forward his ideas coherently to potential clients.

Rushibhi decided to start his own business towards the end of 2019, after he gained exposure working on branding strategies for his friend’s start-ups and watching them grow exponentially.

To support his forte of branding solutions and design, he surrounded himself with a team of freelancers to provide an all inclusive design platform. The biggest road-block he faced was reluctance from brands shying away from an investment in design. Providing enough evidence for long term value generation stemming from his branding solutions was another challenge due to his limited portfolio.

As his business was facing its teething troubles, Covid-19 pandemic happened. While Rushibhi was forced to shut his office space down, the entrepreneur in him saw this as a budding opportunity. With most of the world home-bound, he was quick to recognize a designing potential in the concurrent social media boom.

One opportunity with a client who had a substantial social media foot-print was enough to create word of mouth publicity for Rushibhi and his work. His creative approach and strategies brought him more clients and Rushibhi even started working on bigger corporate projects.

While corporate projects were plentiful, Rushibhi was keen on working with smaller brands and helping them tap their potential. He realized small businesses do not seek branding solutions and consider it an over-head.

This is where he decided to use his expertise, invest time in underlining the impact of his services and help smaller brands stand out in the business world by offering cost-effective solutions. Rushibhi now has an agency dedicated to start-up businesses.

“My focus was not simply filling my pockets but in providing quality work and flourishing small setups just like mine.” he says. With that belief Rushibhi hopes to create a holistic environment for start-ups to boom, including his own design venture!

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