Experience Infinite Freedom: Boost Your Profit, Sell Your Business, & Generate Massive Investment Returns

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For many business owners, that means selling their business and investing in passive income opportunities to achieve unlimited financial freedom and time freedom.

I know that is what motivates me. Why own a business if it doesn’t give you freedom?

The Cash Flow King himself, Eric Francom, has a proven method for medical professionals to successfully boost profits, sell a practice, and make smart investments that work while you are living the life you want to live. Coincidentally, the name “Francom” literally means “Free Man,” and helping others find the freedom he made is exactly what he does.

Eric boosted his practice’s profits by finding new income streams and then selling his dental practice at its peak. This, combined with his unique investment strategy, helped him quadruple his NET worth in two years and it continues to grow. In the same period of time, the investments he made also generate enough passive income to pay all of his bills and more. Now, he has the time to spend with his wife and children and the resources to do the things he loves to do.

Before he made these strategic moves, his finances were strained, his relationships were tested, and his health was deteriorating.

“I graduated dental school with a lot of student debt and took on even more business debt to open my practice. It was oppressive. I was so stressed, I threw up every morning.”

He recalled the year he had only two days off for Christmas. He had to leave his family to take care of the office and then fly back for two days to celebrate the new year. Those four days were his only days off all year – which is anything but freedom.

“They say entrepreneurs will work 100 hours a week not to work 40. I knew there was a better way.”

Eric’s Infinite Freedom Formulas helped him flip this around and begin the lifestyle he now lives. 

4 Infinite Freedom Formulas

1. Choose Short Term, High Return Investments

Eric invested $100k in a deal with the potential to earn $200k to $1 million in three years or $425k to $1.125 million in five years. That’s 4x -10x the returns delivered as an interest payment of $2,000+/month. The short term reduces the risk and a quicker realization of returns.

2. Invest in Secure, Short Term Cryptocurrency

In this deal, Eric invested $100k in cryptocurrency backed by a well-known company that has been around for many years. The key was to choose partners wisely and keep the time frame short to reducerisk.) That $100k returned $540k plus the principal in only one year!

3. Invest or Consult and Get Equity in Growing Companies

Eric invested $100k with the potential to earn 29x the returns, or $2.9 million, in three years, along with the potential to acquire shares in growing tech companies.

This particular deal had several advantages that facilitated such a high return in a short time. First, the company had government bonds and was given a building to attract hard tech companies. They charged the startups rent and membership fees and acquired pieces of the businesses they helped grow.

As a result, there was liquidity, without overhead weighing down the returns. Founders and investors also had the opportunity to cash out on a high dollar exit, gain and/or capitalize on shares, and earn dividends. The risk was low because the company used the government’s money, there was high cash flow, and they heavily vetted who could get in the deal.

4. Invest Your Tax Dollars

You can get one to two times off what you owe in taxes by investing that amount in an opportunity that will write it off, and it may even pay dividends. In some real estate investment deals, the depreciation is accelerated and you can earn a $1.75 reduction for every dollar invested in the first year. 

Imagine being able to invest $100,000 and get $175,000 taken off that same year in taxes! Certain oil and gas and some real estate deals can provide benefits like this.

These freedom formulas have three core components: the investments have unique, strategic structures, they were made in secure and vetted companies, and the risk was reduced by short time frames.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creative and brilliant ways he has devised to cultivate deals that generate high returns as passive income. Eric Francom is America’s number one Freedom Coach; if you want time and money freedom, he’s your guy. If you want to learn more about some of the deals that he curates and syndicates, look him up here.

Learn more about Eric Francom’s Infinite Freedom Formulas in my Capability Amplifier Podcast.

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