Farooq Syed is Changing the Real Estate World With his Mentality

Many individuals have joined and even quit businesses in which they felt they couldn’t compete. This is because many of them lost faith and gave up in the face of the numerous obstacles they encountered. However, a small number of people in this world believe in going ahead in life no matter what, and with the intention of being big in their field of interest, they just concentrate on the positive and take on obstacles as if there is no tomorrow. Leading his way to the top in the real estate entrepreneurial world is Farooq syed hailing from Dubai.

Farooq is a high-profile investor and first-time home buyer who also works as a Property Portfolio Manager and Off-Plan & Investment Expert. He has lived in Dubai his entire life, graduating from the American University of Sharjah with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance before going on to complete his MBA in Marketing at the University of Michigan in the United States. He also is the owner of Springfield Real Estate, a property services company based in Dubai.

Springfield Properties stands out as a real estate advisory in the industry thanks to its superior tech-based market research. What distinguishes the company apart from the competition is the amount of time and effort they put into ensuring that their sales advisors are on top of the industry and are familiar with all of the various ventures in the market, allowing them to provide appropriate advice to those seeking real-estate investment options. Springfield Properties advisors have become a brand in and of themselves, standing out among a sea of over 5,000 real estate professionals.

Although the empire of Springfields, was not built in a day. A people-centric organization like theirs claims that their agents are their most important assets. Farooq, the company’s CEO, is no stranger to adversity and is currently leading his company across turbulent waters in the midst of the pandemic.

Every adversity presents a unique opportunity to benefit. In the middle of the crisis, investors are now opening their wallets and buying up distressed offers. We’ve seen some of the lowest rates per square foot in the last decade in the last few months. Prices have been on the decline since their peak in 2014 as we reach this pandemic period.

Every day, Farooq finds himself exploring Dubai’s most high-end spaces, selling houses that cost a fortune. He thrives on new challenges and has an eagle eye for new real estate prospects, which has helped him create a large network of investors and first-time home buyers.

Follow him on www.instagram.com/farooq_syd to know more about him.

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