Ferrat Destine: The Prolific Author and Successful CEO of Impress Service LLC

Experiences are a very important part of our lives because they help us to decide what we are good at, what we like, and what we would like to invest in for the rest of our lives. A lot of people can earn money but not everybody can enjoy and be passionate about the work that they do regularly. Let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys a monotonous life. Ferrat Destine is a man with a lot of stories.

Ferrat arrived in the United States of America around mid-2000sthe, and since then he has undergone a lot of changes that have helped him to develop his personality as well as follow his passion. When he first arrived in the United States, he tried his hands on a variety of businesses, investing in a lot of ideas at a time. For this, he was required to learn a lot about each business he tried. Ferrat knew that he had to work hard and keep working if he was ever going to succeed.

Soon enough, Ferrat Destine recognized his skills and started his entrepreneurial journey with a lot of stories to tell. Impress service is a cumulative result of these business experiences. Aside from being a business enthusiast, he is also a talented writer, known the world over for his amazing work. Being an author and writer is not easy as well. It requires a wide range of vocabulary and a good sense of narrative.

Being an avid and tireless reader is also an asset. Mr. Destine is, of course, a reader. He is well known internationally by writers who believe so much in him. Writing is never a burden for Ferrat. He enjoys it as an activity he is passionate about. Work they say does not feel like work when a person enjoys doing it.

Ferrat Destine has written several works. He has collaborated with the Cultural Newspaper, Ticket Magazine, and Spotlight of Haiti. After that, he was once again celebrated for one of the first Haitian photo novels with the support of Sogebank named ‘Les Dessou Inavoues’.

Named after the famous French composer Jean Ferrat, Ferrat Destine’s success doesn’t come as a total surprise. He is also the author of a collection of poems ‘Sentimental Virus’. Haven done a lot to promote Haiti and its culture, he was officially appointed Promoter by the Prime Minister. Today, he is a multi-talented writer and also the CEO of Impress Service LLC.

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