Five Text-To-Image Prompts Using Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a cutting-edge image generation tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology. It’s a creative instrument that allows users to generate a range of images with the help of AI, from realistic scenery to abstract designs and more. The tool harnesses the power of AI to translate simple textual descriptions into intricate visual representations.

Whether you’re a designer seeking inspiration, a content creator needing unique visuals, or simply a newbie AI enthusiast like me, Leonardo AI can transform your creative process.

In this article, we will be exploring a series of prompts that you can experiment with using Leonardo AI, designed to both inspire your creativity and showcase the remarkable capabilities of this tool.

Prompt #1

It will never be wrong to start things off with a picture of Jesus drinking beer. Many scholars agree that in addition to wine, Jesus likely drank beer, thereby making beer a divine beverage. And I’d be willing to bet that Jesus did so in some sort of tavern with his best homies.

Prompt: Jesus drinking a beer at a crowded bar, smiling, ultra realistic, ultra detailed, anatomically correct eyes

Generative Model: SDXL 0.9 (Found in the fine-tuned model tab on the far left menu bar).

Preset: Leonardo Style

Sometimes when generating people, I find it helpful to include “anatomically correct eyes” because AI seems to have problems with eyes and hands.

Prompt #2

I’ve been thinking a lot about the NASA Artemis missions, and the plethora of civilian lunar exploration projects that will accompany it. The plan is to set up dwellings, and a new “lunar economy” on the moon, with the hopes of using the moon as a staging site for further terrestrial exploration. One of the industries that will make up the lunar economy will be lunar mining. So it got me thinking, what will that look like?

Prompt: A mining excavation site on the moon, futuristic mining equipment

Generative Model: Absolute Reality v1.6

Preset: Photography

Prompt #3

Growing up in the Bay Area, I always enjoyed crossing the Bay Bridge and getting the first glimpse of the iconic downtown skyline. Every time I saw it felt like the first time. Although not entirely accurate, you can use AI to recreate miniature city skylines for almost any city you can imagine. The key here is to include “tilt shift photography” in your prompt.

Prompt: tilt shift photography of san francisco, depth of view, sunny, in focus, accurate architecture, realistic, raw

Generative Model: Alchemy

Preset: General

Prompt #4

AI image generators are exceptionally good at shifting perspective and distorting reality – you just have to know what kind of prompts to use. I saw the following prompt on Twitter and had to try it. Using the right words in this prompt can miniaturize anything and seems to bring a smile to anyone you show it to. 

Prompt: a tiny elephant sitting on the tip of a human finger, macro shot, in the style of fantasy realism, miniaturecore, natural phenomena, beautiful, cute

Generative Model: Alchemy

Preset: Photography

Prompt #5

A friend of mine once told me that tattoo artists only want to draw skulls and flames. I kind of see where he was coming from because I have a fascination with skulls. And now with AI, you can create some of the most badass, intricate, and artistic skulls I’ve ever seen. They are simply beautiful; fit for any Dia De Los Muertos celebration. For this look, the keyword is “DMT art.”

Prompt: an anatomically correct human skull, DMT art, photography

Generative Model: Alchemy

Preset: Dynamic


We talked about a lot; from Jesus drinking beers to a beautifully ornate and trippy skull fit for a celebration of the dead. I absolutely love AI generative technology because it allows us non-skilled artists to create whatever is in our mind’s eye. That is a true gift for a writer or someone with great ideas that can’t draw to save their lives. I will be trying new prompts in the future and seeing what I can come up with, and I encourage you to try it also!


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