Framar Founder Maria Gallo Praises Her Husband Frank for Igniting the Foil Revolution

Framar President Maria Gallo has been one of the biggest inspiration stories in the hair industry

Framar President Maria Gallo has been one of the biggest inspiration stories in the hair industry. She is the visionary and founder behind the popular hair tool brand Framar. However, what many people don’t know is that her husband has been a driving force behind much of the inspiration that comes to Maria. The duo has been an incredible team of creativity and perseverance.

According to Maria, it was her husband who motivated her to start Framar. She shared, “I never started this business to make money, I started it because my husband and I saw that it could be something special. It became the 5th child to us, something that we loved and dreamt about. At its core, this is why I feel Framar has so much success, there’s just so much passion behind the brand”

She sums up her journey with, “I’m proud of the foundation I built within Framar. This created an opportunity for our children to come in and be a part of something special and keep our family tight, that’s extremely important to me. I’m also honored to be a part of a brand that was created in the basement of our family home and is now distributed in over 70 countries around the world. ”

Today, Framar continues to grow, creating a legacy for Frank & Maria to be proud of!


Written by Genxee

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