Frenchie Wear’s Hooded Blanket Loved by Thousands of Aussies

For the past year and a half, we’ve been staying in our humble abodes doing school or work remotely. With a lot of families preferring to stay at home during these times, it has created a lot of changes in our everyday routines – ultimately, turning us into homebodies. It has surely become the ‘new normal’ for just about everyone.

However, there’s something about snuggling up at home and working through the screen without worrying about getting late for a class or meeting. You get more time for your morning coffee, and you’re allowed more time with the family, minus the weekday traffic on the highway. Despite the unfortunate global health crisis, many have taken advantage of the whole ‘staying at home’ situation. 

The brilliant, innovative mind behind Frenchie Wear, a hooded blanket business based in Australia is one of them. 

Paolo Jack Tanassi saw an opportunity amid the crisis. He empathized with those staying at home and thought about what their perfect companion would be while spending more time indoors. And indeed, it paid offmany were ordering their own Frenchie Wear hooded blankets to optimize their work-from-home or just-staying-at-home situations! 

You might be wondering, how did Jack conceptualize all this? What was the secret behind the intense patronization of his products? 

Jack Tanasi is also the CEO of Business Boomers Marketing. The brand has built a name for itself last year, having worked with over 200 businesses since its conception in the year 2017. With his expertise working with digital marketing specialists, his road to entrepreneurship became a breeze. 

As of this writing, Frenchie Wear’s hooded blanket has hit the million-dollar mark and has sold over thousands of their products around Australia. Having worked with industry-leading clients, it was not hard for Jack to replicate his success in his own business venture through solid marketing and a strong online presence. 

Today’s loungewear industry in the land down under has been completely revolutionized with Frenchie Wear’s hooded blanket. The brand has also launched some sought-after products: silk pillowcases and hair scrunchies, sleep masks, and furry socks to pair with your hooded blanket! 

More than anything, it is the comfort that dictates a customer’s willingness to buy a product. Whether it be underwear or platform heels, comfort takes a front seat in the decision-making process. As all the rage today involves how to make a work-from-home and stay-at-home experience a lot more bearable, Frenchie Wear ticks all the boxes on the checklist. 

During his interview in the Australian Business Journal, Jack is proud of how far the brand has come in just a little bit more than a year after its conception. “It’s been amazing to see how quickly we’ve grown. My goal was to turn this into a household name, and I feel like we’ve already been able to do that,” says Jack. 

Aussies have been adjusting quite fondly with staying at home, thanks to Frenchie Wear. Get on the Frenchie Wear craze and stay snug and comfy at home. 

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