From Peru to Wall Street: How Gabriela Berrospi is Leading a Movement in the Hispanic Community

Gabriela Berrospi, a graduate of British International School in Lima, is leading a movement to empower all Peruvians – especially women. Citing herself as the first example, she wants to help women generate money by leveraging trading and stocks’ power. 

You might be thinking that stock trading is for the “chosen few” with great minds and probably English speakers only. But that is the main motive behind the creation of Latino Wall Street. She wants to teach the Latin Americans how to control their finances through trading.

Living in Wall Street

After graduating from British International School, she moved to New York University as an honors student specializing in Options Trading. During her stay in New York, she lived near Wall Street, where she got acquainted with people making a fortune through stocks. “Why not me?” She thought. 

That sparked her anxiety, and she ventured into stock trading. She was working from home. Her efforts started paying off, and she was able to pay her 6-figure student debt while she was 21 years old. 

Berrospi knows that she is not successful because of luck or random sampling, but because of the right information, hard work, and experience. 

Why Not the Latino Community?

The same question that Berrospi asked herself while venturing into stocks, came to her – this time restructured. Why not the Latino community?

Having created the Latino Wall Street, she is working to ensure that she shares the information to Hispanic women that they may also succeed and reduce dependency. That will help their families by getting many sources of income. 

The movement’s primary mission is to provide valid information to the Latino Community and the globe to help anyone become financially independent. She is targeting the Latina women in her first phase because they are the most vulnerable and left-out. They live in a male-dominated world, reaching out to them first would give them better opportunities to become self-reliant by leveraging the power of stock markets. 

The Latino Wall Street Movement created an extension in July 2020, and they called it Wall Street University. Wall Street University kicked off immediately after the five, Gaby Berrospi, Tony Delgado, Peter Tuchman A.K.A. Einstein of Wallstreet, David Green, and George Lopez, partnered to launch it. 

Financial Independence

On the 4th of July, they aired their first Wall Street University webinar in English. The date was symbolic because it’s the day that Americans celebrate their independence. Wall Street University wanted it to be the beginning of the pursuit of financial independence for everybody. They will be teaching the insights needed while trading. The program is for anyone who wants to invest in their future. All you need to start is knowledge. 

George Lopez was the special guest, and it was an excellent move for Wall Street University to partner with him. Lopez runs an organization called the George Lopez Foundation. Its mission is to create change for underprivileged children, adults, and military families by increasing awareness about kidney disease and organ donation. He was among the 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America. 

This being the first phase of the Latino Wall Street Movement, we can expect greater things in the future. The movement wants to empower the next generation of leaders to create financial freedom for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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