Full Story: How Nathan Harris Is Setting A Precedent for Multigenerational Success

People can’t help but worry about the future, their financial capabilities, and whether they will be in the corporate world or into entrepreneurship. People yearn for high income, be it in business or a 9-5 job. Nathan Harris, a technology founder and restaurateur with over ten years of experience building timeless and award-winning brands, has analyzed how organizations will choose talent in the future. He has taken it upon himself to create better days for the generations to come

Nathan Harris Professional Highlights 

  1. Technology Space

Nathan focuses on creating products that improve organizational efficiency by providing a predictive talent management system that gives organizations access to a tailored and screened pool of highly skilled talent through his company, Ease (Entrepreneurs Adopting to Serve Each other).

He has led the company through the nationally ranked accelerator program gener8tor, the world’s most giant corporate innovation accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center, backed by the CSA Partners Venture fund and the 2020 winner of Milwaukee Reverse Pitch Competition for Northwestern Mutual. Through the opportunity, Ease has been awarded a chance to partner with fortune 500 companies to optimize their talent pipeline and experience. 

  1. Restaurateur Space

Besides establishing Ease, Nathan also owns two bars outside of Milwaukee Buck’s new Fiserv Forum next to the Deer District. ‘Uncle Bucks’ is where you can dine, drink, and dance. It offers energetic and fun Northwoods meetups with a hip east coast theme, with featured prize Buck trophies from local hunters throughout Wisconsin.

‘Red Star’ is your nightlife excitement on downtown Milwaukee’s most visible all-season rooftop. It also offers a cozy gas-fired bar top for 25 people to sit around and enjoy craft cocktails and the city’s best DJs within the second-floor lounge. 

Nathan is also a partner and chairman of the LLUX Group, bringing innovative leaders together through experiences. He also owns The Hidaway, a jet hangar transformed into a luxury event space for LLUX members and private events. 

Setting a Precedent for Multigenerational Success

Through Ease, Nathan can match talented individuals with leading companies in healthcare, technology, finance, and construction. Together with his team, they allow individuals to upload their certification on their platform, where they do background screening, and pair accord them with the opportunities clients have presented. They not only look out for skills but also cultural binds. 

According to Nathan, the future of work is living life by design. Other than skills, an individual should accustom to the culture. Individuals need to provide individualized impacts, add data to the view, and make more informed decisions in a firm. Nathan thus helps companies staff the most talented, creative teams to work on the future of work projects. 

Enforcing Multigenerational Success

Nathan and his partners, and with all his brands, are inciting multigenerational success by educating the younger generation, as they are tomorrow’s leaders, on how work is perceived and how they could get good jobs with more minor obstacles. The platform Ease is the bridge, as it lowers the barrier to entry to good, high-paying jobs.

They reduce the rate at which talent goes to waste through deadbeat jobs by allowing these talented individuals to utilize their potential fully. Nathan is also influencing culture by creating it inside and outside the workplace through his lifestyle brands.


The generations to come will have to be innovative to get into the workspace. Even with the drastic technological shift, companies still need people to make modernisms. The most incredible thing is that someone, Nathan Harris, has already started setting the pace for the next generations.

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