Getting to Know Rising Hip-Hop Artist Keys FTV

The New York-based artist, Keys FTV, has been making a serious name for himself. When he started his career on SoundCloud back in 2015, he was dropping songs back to back to gain some traction. Since then, he has done nothing but gone up in his career.

When he was in New York a couple of years back, his plan was to release consistent music on Soundcloud to catch more attention. This was his life for a short period of time until he moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. When he moved there he was able to make some impressive connections and he decided to play the game smarter.

This gave him a platform to release music that is going to be heard by a larger and more crucial audience. He is learning what it takes to be successful in this kind of industry. “It’s not always just about talent, some of the most talented artists will never make it” he says.

This is why Keys FTV is unique. He stated that “Everyone has a story to tell but the way that I deliver my story and my versatility is what makes me unique from other artists.” In other words, it’s not just about talent, it’s the entire package that matters.

If you are interested in learning more about Keys FTV:

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