Global Internet Company AMPL Group International Has Helped more than a thousand Businesses during the Global Pandemic, says founder Shubham Saurav

Shubham Saurav, AMPL Group International

When the whole world was going through the peak time of the Global Pandemic, One of the most reputed Globally recognized Internet Firm AMPL Group International was standing with all the required resources for businesses from multiple domains to pull them up to the level from where they start going down due to COVID.

AMPL Group International is a global internet company that owns and operates multiple businesses in various domains such as Advertising, Marketing, Internet Research, Cyber Security, Consulting, Management, and many more having most of its clientele from the United States, UAE, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia and more.

The company wrote off service fees of more than 1000’s established businesses that have gone through heavy losses due to the sudden Pandemic.

AMPL Group International Plans to expand their horizon into various different niches in the industry from where they will try to attract more people and businesses to get associated with the firm.

Founded by a big name in the Media Industry, Shubham Saurav, AMPL Group International has already been making headlines by becoming one of the fastest-growing internet companies of the current time.

The firm is working on some big projects currently in the education line, where the news is that they were coming with a disruptive Online Education platform for the world

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