How to Be Grateful In a Materialistic World

We all have days, or even times in our lives where we feel like everything that can go wrong will go wrong. During these times, being thankful for the things we have can be difficult.

The frustration can be so overwhelming that it clouds our minds and keeps us distracted from things that truly matter. However, it is important to take a break and refocus our priorities. Take a step back to reflect on all the positive in your life. Use that positivity and energy to find solutions rather than allowing the negative experiences to control you.

Being grateful for what you DO have increases performance and yields better results than a materialistic approach that is centered around temporal gratification rather than long-term success and well-being.

When you’re truly grateful for what you have, you will be less likely to jeopardize relationships with people you love by taking them for granted. The truth is, nobody can be the epitome of gratefulness 24/7. That’s definitely not the point. However, an overall attitude of gratefulness and appreciation for the people and experiences that positively impact your life can lead you down a path of self-discovery and happiness that you would never be able to achieve by spiraling down a black hole of hopelessness and despair.

People Who Are Grateful Are More Relaxed And Optimistic

An attitude of gratefulness leaves a person more relaxed and open to new experiences without constantly stressing over the pursuit of bigger and better things. This has many benefits, including improved sleep. When you’re struggling to earn more money and buy more things, you spend a great deal of time stressing over every situation and every setback. Nights are spent tossing and turning over mistakes and regrets, tasks not finished, and an endless sea of responsibilities to name a few.

Envy and possessiveness can create an atmosphere of resentfulness that destroys relationships. However, those who are grateful for the things they have and the people in their lives, experience more joy and have deeper, more lasting relationships that are built on a foundation of mutual respect and appreciation. Nobody is taken for granted or left feeling undervalued.

People who are grateful also are more perceptive and empathetic. They see the world for what it really is. They see the good in people and their needs. They have a greater appreciation for what they have and use it to help pull others up rather than tear them down. These are the people that will change the world and make it a better place. So it goes without saying that we should all aspire to work toward that state of mind as well.

Grateful People Also Make Better Entrepreneurs

Often, new entrepreneurs and people, in general, allow themselves to be swayed by society’s view that self-worth is measured by material success and wealth. Decisions are made with monetary gain in mind, and people often neglect their personal passions in favor of climbing the business ladder mostly based off ego. However, this does not leave a whole lot of room for personal fulfillment and true happiness. People don’t realize that if they are not grateful for what they have now, then they are never going to be grateful for what they have in the future… even if they get everything, they ever wanted.

Getting more things is not going to make these people happy. It’s certainly not going to magically solve all their problems. There will ALWAYS be something new and improved. Before long, they will grow tired of their shiny new objects, their plasma television, their sports car, and their house. They’ll want shinier objects, bigger and faster cars, and a mansion. NOTHING will ever be good enough because they will always want “the best.” Everything centers around money and what it can get them, but the most important things in life cannot be bought. The truly grateful know this. They value their personal relationships, and the only “things” that are important are those that hold sentimental value or add something to their lives that cannot be replicated with mere material possessions.

When you are truly grateful for everything that you have, you will have a better attitude, which will cause others to gravitate toward you. Your overall social network will be of better quality, and filled with the kind of people with whom you have common interests and have established mutual respect. This is absolutely KEY for new business opportunities, and some will flourish organically because of it.

Being grateful surely doesn’t mean that you have to give up all hope for success or overly simplify your life. It means being content and relaxed with how things are in the present moment. It means striving for what you want without letting your failures define you. When you have a better attitude and look at things realistically, you will achieve more success and obtain the things you want without sacrificing who you are. You will also achieve more success because you’re not as likely to bypass worthwhile opportunities just because they do not provide immediate payout.

People Who Are Grateful Are Healthier

Gratefulness is a characteristic few possess in a way that truly reflects in their overall personality, but it’s one that leads to healthier living in addition to improved relationships and more fulfilling careers. We all know that stress can weigh heavily on a person and leave them feeling ill in more ways than one. Gratitude and a positive outlook relieve people of unnecessary stress and frustration. In fact, studies have shown that people who are grateful are mentally and physically healthier than their more high-strung counterparts. They tend to exercise more, eat healthier, and sleep better at night to name a few.

Gratitude Ultimately Leads to Happiness

Although it might sound corny, it’s true that money cannot buy happiness. It will make you more comfortable, yes, but it simply won’t make you happy. If you want to be happy and have the finer things in life, then you have to realize that it all starts within you. YOU decide your destiny! It does not matter where you’re from, or how much you have in your pockets at the moment. You have the potential to accomplish great things in your life. Do not worry so much about the things that society in general values. Look around you. Be thankful for the life you currently live, all the knowledge and lessons you acquired up to this point, and your personal gifts to make things better for yourself and those around you. Be thankful for the people you love and those who love you.

Even if you’re currently in a bad situation in your life, be thankful that there are others out there who overcame their obstacles. Let them inspire you to do the same. Do not let the negative define you. Do not let the bad things in your life keep you from achieving all that you want.

Be grateful for the lessons they teach you. The bad people and situations in our lives show us the kind of lives we do not want to live and the type of people we do not want to be. Let them be a warning and show you what could be, but will not be. Rise above your situation and be grateful for what you have. Learn from your mistakes and move on to bigger and better things. Just remember that the bigger and better things are not always what the world says they are. The best things in life are those that bring us happiness, love, strength, health and personal fulfillment, period!

So what are you grateful for today? Please share with us in the comments below.

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