Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy is Making Rounds on the Internet for Being the Bangladesh’s First Authentic Ecommerce Store

DhakaJoy is the new ecommerce store based out of Bangladesh which is getting popular due to its good customer service. Everybody is now discussing about Dhakajoy and they are so impressed by the service that they want to order more and more things from this brand new setup.

Being from Bangladesh where it is still developing, accumulating resources, funds for a start up can be bit troublesome however, despite of all odds, the team of Hanif Ahmed has made the unthinkable in the land of Bangladesh. Initially he faced a lot of problem from building the infrastructure, getting permission for the setup, building a storage facility and gathering resources.

It took almost 6 months to settle up these things but his plus point was, he was already having a lot of followers because of his talent and it took only one month to gather employees who would selflessly work for him to build the Bangladesh’s one of the greatest ecommerce store of all time.

Hanif Ahmed is the Managing Director of the Company and he says that their store will have successfully served a million customers y the end of 2022. If this becomes true then they will leave the ecommerce Giants way behind in Bangladesh. Dhakajoy operates through a team of 100+ employees and all of them are highly skilled and trained and this is what helped Dhakajoy to garner success in such an initial stage.

They are getting more and more calls from the Angel Investors. Investors have seen the value of this ecommerce store and thus they are eager to invest on it. Not only is this, in this tough time of Pandemic, their workers relentlessly working and shipping products to every part of Bangladesh without any delay. Till date Hanif Ahmed has made voluntary contribution to several families in this tough time of pandemic and this has been praised all over the internet.

The team they are having is a charged up team and even the pandemic could not stop them from being the best ecommerce store of recent times in Bangladesh. Their projections states that they will be expanding overseas in next few years and that could be a massive leap.

Dhakajoy is a brand new ecommerce store based out of bangladesh. Dhakajoy is the online dealer of Motorcycles, smartphones, Baby products, groceries, healthcare, Air Conditioners, Home Appliances, and other essential items.

They have a friendly setup as you can use the cash on Delivery method or you can also go for the online payment methods like Bikash, VISA, MasterCard, Amex card, Nexus pay, and Bank Deposit. Your orders will be delivered directly to your doorstep with ease.

They operate with low delivery charges and are always ready to provide the best services possible. Even in this pandemic they worked without any fail and relentlessly delivered all items and needs to the public.


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