Health Trends to Help You Battle Stress as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are at high risk of depression, heart disease, and other stress-related illnesses because of their high stress levels.

The good news is you can harness the power of recent health trends to get ahead of the stress and pursue wellness. Here are 3 health trends worth your time.

High-IntensityLow-Impact Workouts

The ‘rise and grind’ mentality of working out isn’t gone forever, but more and more people are turning to more gentle sweat sessions. Instead of pushing yourself to the limit at the gym, “many fitness lovers are starting to take a more measured approach, turning to sweat sessions that are more hormone-conscious than hurts-so-good,” reports Well + Good.

This approach is gentler on your body and promotes mental health over physical health. When you push yourself to the limit, your body releases cortisol, the stress hormone that can wreak havoc on your health.

Enjoy shorter classes with high impacts, yoga, and intensive stretching. You’ll still get the health benefits from hitting the gym without hitting your body too hard.


Mindfulness is one of those concepts that can feel like just a buzzword, but it’s crucial to your overall wellbeing. The good news is that any progress is good progress when it comes to developing your mindfulness. It’s a skill that gets easier over time.

Mindfulness is the process of being grounded in your thoughts and physical surroundings. One of the best ways you can work on your mindfulness is to practice meditation. The health benefits and work benefits are undeniable!

Nature Bathing 

No, you don’t have to haul your tub to the middle of the forest to achieve this one. Nature bathing is a new name for an old concept—enjoying the outdoors!

NPR reports that nature/forest bathing originated in Japan but can be practiced anywhere that you can take “in your surroundings by using all your senses.” The idea is to ground yourself deeply in your present surroundings and take it all in with fresh eyes. Being around trees increases oxygen intake and lowers blood pressure, and nature bathing is now newly considered a treatment for stress, the same article shares.

If you don’t have access to a forest, just being outside and getting fresh air still gives health benefits. Try to take a break outside every few hours, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Increase Productivity by Decreasing Stress

Stress can feel all-consuming, but the solution to remedy it is not more work; it’s to take care of yourself.

“Entrepreneurs never get to ‘clock out’ of their jobs,” says Nexa. “Many businesses are formed out of a desire to change the world. However, passion without a plan will end in disaster.”

Health needs to be a priority for you as an entrepreneur, or you’re going to burn out, hard. Try gentle workouts, practicing mindfulness, and getting outside to lower stress and increase happiness. Success and productivity will follow.

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