Here’s the Success Story of African Entrepreneur and Forex Trader Ref Wayne You Should Know

Ref Wayne

Everyone has to do hard work in life to achieve greater success. While some have the advantage of luck with them and some don’t. Some people have to show a lot of dedication and put efforts to taste success while a few achieve greater heights with fewer efforts. Ref Wayne, the young African millionaire and author of the best-selling book ‘The Art of Trading,’ belongs to the latter. But that doesn’t mean his life journey has been very easy. Let’s talk more about the life of Ref Wayne and what exactly he does.

Born in Meadowlands, Soweto, Ref’s real name is Refiloe Nkele. Like many teenagers in Africa, Ref was earlier clueless about his future and career. He didn’t have any particular goal in his life. He comes from a normal family, and like any sincere son, he would help his family in daily chores. He also tried earning some money by selling local SIMs to support his family. But he was passionate about doing some worthwhile work in his life. 

One day in his school, Ref came to know about cryptocurrency and Forex trading from one of his schoolmates. He was introduced to the basic concept of the cryptocurrency that fascinated him. He liked the concept and decided to work in this field and explore more on a large level. Finally, he seems to know the purpose of his life, and therefore, decided to drop out of school in the 9th grade. 

Just as when he was finding ways to learn more about cryptocurrency and trading, he met Mr. David Schwartz, a Forex trading expert. Mr. David noticed a spark in Ref’s eyes about doing something big in life. He makes Ref understand everything about Forex trading and how the industry works. It was a unique experience for Ref to learn so many things from a person who is an expert. 

At the age of 16, when almost every teenager is clueless about their future, Ref started trading with Mr. David’s help. In just three years, he made his first million dollars through trading, which is both interesting and shocking for people who know him. Continuing the trading and putting a lot of effort, Ref reached great heights in life at an early age. It’s the dream of every teenager and adult to become a millionaire in their lives. But not everyone does the hard work with sincerity. It takes a lot of continuous efforts and sleepless nights to reach this destination.

Apart from being a Forex trader expert and a millionaire, Ref Wayne is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and well-renowned author. So far, he has published two successful books on trading and financial markets. His recent book titled ‘Top-Down Analysis of the Financial Markets’ was released co-authoring Bafana Masilela in August 2020 and has received much appreciation from the financial gurus’ length and breadth. 

Ref also conducts regular live sessions and webinars to teach youngsters about the benefits of Forex trading and how to make a career out of it. He shares his life’s success story with them and inspires them to chase their dreams. Through his speeches and webinars, Ref has motivated hundreds and thousands of youngsters like him in Africa and the world.  

Ref Wayne has founded the African Forex Institute (AFI) in the year 2014 to spread the awareness of cryptocurrency in the country. Further, there was a digital currency called Pipcoin launched in Africa, all thanks to his years of experience and knowledge. For his contribution to the cryptocurrency in Africa, Forex trading software, Armageddon, was named after him.

A lot has changed in the life of Ref Wayne for the past few years. It’s all because of his consistent hard work and efforts that have not only made him a millionaire but have also made him a respectful entrepreneur. Throughout his life, he has met hundreds of young students and people. And all of them have been inspired by his personality and the way he lives. People like Ref Wayne are a living example of leading a successful and happier life and an inspiration for clueless youngsters worldwide.

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