Here’s What Digital Marketing Expert David Vatine Has To Offer To All The Business Owners And Young Minds

The word ‘marketing’ is still a fancy term for most of the business entities who don’t go by the pricey marketing strategies and excessive expenditure. With the increasing number of businesses all competing for exposure among the vast digital landscape, it can sometimes feel like fighting a losing battle, especially for those just starting out. To lend a helping hand to those in need, David Vatine, a digital marketer through his agency provide digital marketing assistance with his clientele ranging from beauticians, fitness trainers to large real estate companies. He says, “Mainly companies and small business owners who are interested in growing and expanding the customer base. At the same time, we have quite a few young students who are learning to set up a marketing agency. The course is also recognized in the retirement basket of IDF retirees on behalf of Security, we are proud to teach retirees how to market the business Their new and make the modern marketing world accessible to them.”

He further adds, “To reach more and more business owners and help them get out of the terrible statistics that exist in Israel, where over 90% of small businesses close every year. I am not afraid to declare out loud that I want and will even change the statistics!”

With the ever-growing demand for digital media, David Vatine grabbed the opportunity to turn his childhood passion into a lucrative business. His first prominent experience goes back in the year 2012 when he launched an app called ‘Netbus’ that helped in locating your bus in real-time. That’s when he realized that an extensive marketing strategy is required to market your product and make it reach the right target audience.

David creates the course “The Academy of Digital Marketing Agents”, which allows a business owner to become his own marketing content, with the full confidence that he can and knows how to recruit new customers to the business every month! The course actually centers all the knowledge and experience David gained. He says, “What really works in the field. The same things that helped me bring in a million users of the app, and help the same businesses that we accompany grow and develop and generate sales, all in one focused and practical course.”

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