How Edmund McCormack is Bringing Cryptocurrency to the Casual Investor

Edmund McCormack is an entrepreneur and Global Executive Leader with the goal of making cryptocurrency investing literacy accessible to casual investors and newbie investors alike. Whether you already know what you’re doing and simply dabble in investments here and there, or whether you’re completely new to the game and are looking for some guidance, Edmund McCormack is the person for you.

For all too long, cryptocurrency has been considered out of bounds and unapproachable by many investors due to its seemingly complex nature. Of course, much information out there on cryptocurrency is often written in highly technical and specialist jargon, making it an intimidating area of investment for the casual investor to approach and get involved with. Edmund identified a problem here. Drawing on his extensive experience with providing management oversight and strategic direction to businesses, he has made it his goal to develop and execute strategic goals surrounding cryptocurrency investment for those of us who may be reluctant to get involved.

To achieve his goal, he has created Dchained, a cryptocurrency educational portal that allows him to deliver easy to comprehend and follow guides on cryptocurrency, up to date news on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency, and analysis of cryptocurrency investment. It’s not all too surprising that Edmund has become best known for opening the doors to technology and investment opportunities to average investors. His work is on the path to successfully secure a major redistribution of wealth back to the average investor!

Sure, cryptocurrency may be daunting to engage with at first. But Edmund notes that concepts like “HTML” and “IP Addresses” seemed confusing and daunting back in the early 90s when the internet first came to wider public use. Nowadays, almost all of us have a grip on how the internet works and feel comfortable using it as part of our daily lives. Cryptocurrency and related concepts like “blockchain” and “crypto” are just today’s modern equivalent. Like using the internet, you don’t need to know exactly how everything works from a technical standpoint to get involved with cryptocurrency. All that matters is that it’s working and you know how to operate the field. Just as investing in Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon were profitable in the early 90s, investing in cryptocurrency now could be highly profitable for you going forward!

Edmund’s Top Three Tips

1) Take sufficient time to learn about blockchain and crypto work before you start to invest. Bitcoin will still be there and ready to be invested in when you’re genuinely ready to get started.

2) Don’t leave your crypto on the exchange or in the exchanges. It’s important to buy a hardware wallet to store and secure your cryptocurrency investments.2

3) Ignore all of the cryptocurrency “gurus” on Twitter and Telegram, who are promising riches on the next “pump. Instead, do your own research and know which investments are best for you.

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