How Entrepreneur Roddy Hanson Turned his Love for Mushrooms Into a Thriving Business

For thousands of years, adaptogen mushrooms have been used by ancient civilizations to combat illness, boost immunity, enhance cognition, and increase physical endurance. Functional plant medicine gives people an opportunity to be intentional about day to day mental and physical health; ultimately making it less likely that a health catastrophe will occur down the road.

According to Roddy Hanson, founder of the adaptogen based brands Shroomy and Root Strength, mental and physical health are undeniably connected and interdependent. It was his goal to create fun and inviting brands that make it easy for consumers to prioritize their mental and physical health on a day to day basis.

“I became fascinated with Mushrooms during my first trip to Amsterdam,” Hanson states, “after that experience, I began studying all types of mushrooms and came across functional mushrooms. I started using them to enhance my own physical and mental performance, and realized there was a gap in the market.”

Over the last decade, functional mushrooms have made their way into the western marketplace. Roddy Hanson notes, most of these products come in the form of bitter tasting powders, capsules, and tinctures, which can be intimidating to first time consumers who are unfamiliar with the health benefits. “I loved the effects of the mushrooms,” says Hanson, “but I never enjoyed the actual consumption. I think for the market to really adopt something it has to be an enjoyable experience during consumption.”

Hanson recognized how much of a positive impact supplementing functional mushrooms made on his own life, and wanted others to share in that experience. He saw an opportunity to create an easy entry point for first time consumers; developing products that are enjoyable to consume, with approachable branding that could reach a wider audience than has been possible to this point.

Although these adaptogens have been around for a long time, it’s still a new topic for many. “Once you become aware of the benefits,” Hanson states, “you’re going to be much more likely to want to try it out. Part of our job with our brands is to educate our customers on how the ingredients in our products work in their body and central nervous system.”

Both products can be bought on their website The brands have created significant buzz since their launch, and are set up to have a massive year in 2022.

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