How Ezekiel Bentancourt Is Providing Investors With An Exciting New Passive Income Opportunity

It’s fair to say that almost all investors are always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities, and the one thing that they’re excited to put in place is a passive income stream.

And really, it isn’t too surprising that finding a way to generate a passive income is so popular – after all, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of an ongoing source of money that requires absolutely no effort to maintain over the long-term?

When you put it that way, it makes complete sense that more people are beginning to recognize the possibilities that investment to create passive income streams can bring.

Hands-Off Investment

While some investors are keen to take a hands-on approach to investment, there are many more who would rather create their income without having to lift a finger. This is something that Ezekiel Bentancourt understands extremely well.

Having seen the potential of ecommerce to generate a reliable income, Bentancourt decided to look into the possibilities of leveraging this potential to create a passive income source for investors that will continue long into the future.

“It became clear to me that more people than ever before are looking for ways to generate passive income”, the entrepreneur says. “People should have more freedom to enjoy their life before they retire”. “Unfortunately, a 9 to 5 does not give you that freedom”.

Bentancourt realized that there was a gap in the market and set about finding a solution for those investors who were looking for a way to enjoy their lives to the maximum without having to actually work for their money. The answer came in the shape of Deluxe Automation.

What Is Deluxe Automation?

In his quest to help people find a passive source of income that would help them to live a high-quality lifestyle for as long as possible, Ezekiel Bentancourt decided to establish Deluxe Automation – the premier provider in Amazon FBA and Walmart Automation.

Putting together a highly experienced expert team, he set out on a mission to provide his clients with an unparalleled level of service so that they could enjoy maximum profits with minimal effort.

How Does Deluxe Automation Work?

“The entire point of Deluxe Automation is to allow investors to collect their profits without lifting a finger.” Ezekiel Bentancourt says. “As an organization, we manage and grow our investors’ Amazon or Walmart business on their behalf so they can reap all of the rewards without lifting a finger.”

Deluxe Automation runs on three main principles:

Hands-free business
Massive ROIs
Extensive scalability

Essentially, Bentancourt’s company grants investors the chance to invest in their own automated Walmart or Amazon business. After collecting funds from

the investor, Deluxe Automation then hands the money over to its skilled management team with their extensive background in ecommerce and their collective sales figures which are in the millions every month.

“Investors can enjoy all of the good things about having an ecommerce store with none of the negative points.” Bentancourt points out. “All they need to do is make the investment and our team runs and manages everything for them. All they need to do is sit back and relax.”

The Benefits of Deluxe Automation Investment

Bentancourt is eager to point out that his company currently has one of the highest ROIs in the entire industry, making it a go-to choice with investors who want to maximize their revenue while minimizing their own input. Part of its success is its ability to ensure that its investors have a 100% Walmart application success rate – something that can be especially difficult to achieve.

His team then expertly monitors and scales the investor’s store, managing every aspect of its products, sales, inventory and customer service. In fact, his team is so successful that some of his clients now generate revenue amounting to six figure sums each quarter and with this in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why Deluxe Automation is proving to be so popular.

What Does Investment In Deluxe Automation Involve?

Ezekiel Bentancourt reassures prospective investors that their requirements aren’t especially onerous.

Clients only need to make a one-time investment up front – their buy-in. After that, they need to provide sufficient credit or capital so we can buy their initial batch of products and restock their inventory. The only other thing we need is a positive investor attitude – we exclusively work with people who are enthusiastic about their investment and want to enjoy its success.

To make the process even more accessible and convenient for investors, Deluxe Automation has a 24/7 customer care support team on hand who can help them to navigate through each step. The business model even provides clients with points for their credits which can then be used to book hotel rooms, flights and much more.

Essentially, Deluxe Automation has been designed to be inspiring and innovative, and thanks to its knowledgeable and experienced onboard team, its clients to date have been extremely satisfied with the results and returns from their investments.

After all, doesn’t every investor want to be free to spend more time doing the things they love and less time getting hands-on with their investment? Investing in Deluxe Automation gives them this benefit so that they can do more of the fun things in life and less of the hard work.

“Generating a passive income that really makes a tangible difference in people’s lives is something that virtually every investor dreams of,” Bentancourt says. “With Deluxe Automation, this goal isn’t just a dream, it becomes a reality, and that’s a future that’s well-worth investing in!”

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