How Matteo Belcastro Blends Hip-Hop and Social Media

Social media platforms have become the primary medium for people to share their thoughts and feelings, and also voice their concerns and raise awareness on social issues. Musicians have recently started exploring this medium to better engage with their audiences. Social media not only enables artists and musicians to more easily release their projects, but it also helps them to connect with their fans. Matteo Belcastro is one such musician who has shaped his career as a rapper using the power of social media.

It all began at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when travel was restricted around the world and live events such as concerts were banned. Musicians suddenly had no means to connect with a live audience. This is when Matteo Belcastro discovered the potential of social media platforms to let him engage with his followers. Belcastro believes that the role of a musician is more than just creating compelling music; it is about connecting with their audience and keeping them hooked. To grow his number of social media followers, he considered it paramount to establish a presence on the most popular social media platforms.

Here are the platforms Belcastro used that helped him shape his career as a rapper:

  1. Facebook: This social media platform has more than 2 billion users and is currently the most popular in the world. Musicians can use this platform to engage with their audience through text and photo posts, creating stories, and sharing videos. Belcastro got his start on this social media platform but later moved on to others that he felt would give him a better response.
  2. YouTube: This is the second most popular social media platform, again with over 2 billion users. YouTube, of course, is known for being the largest free video hosting site on the web. YouTube users are often music enthusiasts. It can be fairly easy for an aspiring musician to gain attention on YouTube. YouTube also allows musicians to connect with their fans through personal comments.
  3. Instagram: This is a young social media platform compared to Facebook and YouTube, but still has over 1 billion active monthly users. Instagram allows its users to post short videos. Musicians can also use Instagram Reels or IGTV to post long-form content. Musicians can also reach their listeners through comments, posts, and photos on Instagram.
  4. TikTok: This is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for music lovers. TikTok allows users to upload short videos related to music or comedy. Using this platform, musicians have plenty of opportunities to grow their audience. TikTok is user-friendly and allows each user to track the engagement levels of each of their videos. Moreover, different trends are always going viral on TikTok; the various TikTok “challenges” being a great example of this. Musicians can also generate interest among their audiences by releasing a short clip from an upcoming music video. TikTok allows musicians to engage with their audiences on a deeper and more intimate level.

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